1. Selling Early Bird Ticket

     I had a family emergency arise, to where I am the sole caregiver for my grandmother, so I am unable to attend Blohgh. I am selling my Early Bird Full Conference pass at cost. ...more
    @browngirlsfly you can email me directly atmelissa@thismommysavesmoney.commore

    Foodie and Farmer

    Sylvia Burgos Toftnesssylvia@bronxtobarn.com - the storywww.bullbrookkeep - our beef...more
  2. Meal Plan Monday, June 3

    A few years ago we had this summer where the weather would be fabulous and warm during the work week. You'd stare out your window and wish you were not working. Then the weekend would roll around and it would rain. Sometimes there would be rain AND thunderstorms. Bonus! That seems to be how weekends are happening right now. I'm tired of rain. Really tired of it. I keep reminding myself that it's probably really good for the local farmers but surely they wouldn't mind if the rain fell a bit more during the week and a bit less on the weekends, right?...more
    @FatCat oh my. the coconut. oh mymore
  3. CHEAPER hotels near SHERATON??

    Hi! Anyone know of other hotels that might be a cheaper alternative but close by? Cheers, Kelly...more
    I'm still looking for a roomie at the Sheraton. Anyone interested in sharing?more
  4. Ten To Dos In June 2013

    June, already! How did that happen? And how did you do in May? I did pretty well, all things considered, and am looking forward to doing even better this month. Here's my list:...more
    My Month in Numbers, July 2013 http://flamingohouse.net/?p=5397more
  5. What are some topics that are really on your mind these days?

    What are some topics that are really on your mind these days? During the conference we want to talk about some of the overarching issues that we each encounter as bloggers in the special needs world, so we'd love to hear those, but if you have a more personal or specific issue you can share that too.Best-Jenwww.jennyalice.comwww.ThinkingAutismGuide.com...more
    My primary concern right now is moving my son from a typical school to one for Asperger's kids. ...more

    Is this group still active?

    Hello all, The name of this groups seems perfect for me, but I don't see any recent posts in it. Is this group still active? I have 3 teenage boys at home right now too :-) Chrissy...more
  6. Monday Meal Plan, May 27

    We didn't have a meal plan last week. I mean, we KIND of did but we really didn't follow it. It was one part due to Monday being a holiday in Canada, which threw us off. It was also one part because we did a really bad job of shopping for our meal plan. For example, we had pulled pork on the menu and we fully intended to have pulled pork sandwiches but we didn't buy buns. But we did what we do -- we made it work....more
    @alienbody giggle. Yes you did and did you notice we didn't say anything? ;-)more
  7. Meal Plan Monday, May 13

    This week got off to a rough start. There's nothing like sitting down to start your work day in Toronto and realizing you left your computer's power supply in Ottawa. OOPS! Luckily we're staying just a couple of blocks away from an Apple Store and I just had to wait for it to open this morning. Silly me. (I feel I should point out we packed the tech and left the house before coffee yesterday. I feel lucky that the only thing I forgot was the power cord. Oh wait, I also forgot a hair brush.)...more
    @moonsoar The St Lawrence market had lots of yummy noms. As always, it made it wish we could do ...more

    KIDDIFY is an Upcoming Video peer-to-peer Platform for children under 14 and we a hand!

    Hello Everybody!I would like to introduce you to my crowd-funding campaign for KIDDIFY; http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kiddify-video-platform-for-children-around-the-world/x/1292050We are looking for team members in education/IT, Donations and Investors! So, I hope that I can inspire you to join in the ride!!! Cheers, Paula ...more

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