1. Monday Meal Plan, May 6

    We had a great weekend, but it was a busy weekend. Lots of comparative shopping and yard work. Who needs to do a squat challenge when you can just pull dandelions out of the yard? We also blew the weekend meal plan by forgetting to take the pork out of the freezer. That makes it difficult to turn one pork shoulder into two weekend meals. Oops....more
    @Karen Ballum I'm totally trying butternut squash in it!more
  2. Selling Blog Her '13 Early Bird Ticket

    Unfortunately my Dad was just diagnosed with cancer so I won't be able to attend Blog Her. I am selling my Early Bird ticket for $200 (payment via PayPal). Email me at twinstravelblog@gmail.com ...more
    @Toughcookiemommy If you are still looking for an early bird ticket I am selling mine. Please ...more
  3. Take Our Golden Books Quiz!

    We've asked you about your favorite Golden Books. We told you why we didn't like them and we talked about how they changed the children's publishing landscape. Now we thought it would be fun to test your Golden Books knowledge. We'll present you with a question and you click on the provided answers to find out if you are correct. Let's go!...more
    @Denise Ogle's letters are stored at the University of Oregon so I'm hopeful a grad student may ...more
  4. Trying to figure things out...looking for some help

    Hi - I am new. My page says I joined in 2010, but I have no memory of it (oops!), so I am just now doing my profile, submitting my blog, etc. I have a few questions. I hope someone can help me - I didn't see any other place to find answers. The "tour" was not a lot help... :-(Will my blog automatically show up on my profile when it is accepted?How does active membership benefit my blog?What is the best way to get started here - finding groups, friends, etc.?Most importantly, how do I set up the social media section? (that second part that asks for feed, etc.)...more
    Darn it, that Tour link needs to come down. It's old and outdated. I'll work on that next week. ...more
  5. Golden Books Changed Children's Publishing

    You are out shopping at either the grocery store or the pharmacy and you happen upon some children's books. They have colorful cover art and look like fun. When you pick them you and check the price you discover that they are inexpensive. It makes its way into your basket, perhaps with one or two more. If this sound familiar, you might just have Golden Books to thank for it. ...more
    I believe I've seen them at Toys R US too.more
  6. True Confessions: I Hate Little Golden Books

    I don't like Little Golden Books. I have never liked Little Golden Books. There. I said it. My dirty little secret. ...more
    We have hundreds of Little Golden Books; add to this collection all the Little Golden Books my ...more
  7. Ten To Dos in May 2013

    I did a pretty good job of getting things done and having fun and relaxing in April. Let's see if I can do as well in May... it will be touch and go....more
    #4 is done. Hotel booked for Austin.more
  8. Yay Spring! Meal Plan Monday, April 29th

    You guys. You guys! I left the house yesterday wearing a dress and flats -- no tights, no hosiery of any kind -- and a jacket and i had to take off the jacket because it was too hot. And then we did yard work in the sunshine. It was like spring finally decided to show up more than a little fashionably late. Welcome spring! Less welcome are the blisters on my feet that come when I switch from wearing socks and boots to flats minus socks. Let's just say there won't be any running for a few more days. ...more
    @alienbody  @Karen Ballum  @moonsoar I think your comment did show up because this comment is ...more
  9. Blogger Meetup?

     Hello Everyone, I recently moved back to my native Minnesota after living on the west coast for many years.  I'm a blogger and am looking to connect with other writers here -- does anyone have an interest in getting together over coffee one day?  Or, perhaps there is an existing group that already meets? I'm located in St. Louis Park.  Look forward to hearing from anyone who has an interest. ...more
    Hi Nancy,   I live in Rochester, but I'm up in the Twin Cities the first 2 weeks of August. My ...more
  10. Meal Plan Monday, April 22

    Our meal plan went to pot pretty quickly last week and as a result ate too much takeout. There are weeks like that. The plus side of the takeout bonanza is that we really, really want lots of homemade meals this week. Well that and we ordered the spicy veg pizza we had ordered last month and it didn't make my lips swell up like balloons this time. Yay! Monday: The shrimp dish we didn't make on Friday because we ordered pizza. (It's ok, we use frozen shrimp and it never even got out of the freezer.)...more
    @moonsoar Gah! Allergies aren't good!more

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