Would like to be an early bird pass today

    I have contacted two people who are advertising early bird tickets for sale but no luck.I understand there is a twenty five dollar fee after today.If anyone has a ticket to sell,please contact me at Quilt98@hotmail.comThanks!...more

    Wanted: Single-Day (Fri) or Full-Conf Ticket (Early Bird)

     Hi All, Is anyone still looking to sell their BlogHer'13 conference ticket?  I'm looking for either a single-day ticket (Friday) or the full conference at Early Bird pricing.   If you do, please contact me at:info (at) browngirlsfly (dot) com Thanks,-Chelle  ...more

    Early Bird Ticket for sale

    I am unable to attend BlogHer this year.  I am selling my early bird ticket.  Please contact me at butwhymommy@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing it. ...more
  1. Student pass

    I bought a student pass and can no longer attend. $102 (you must have a student ID to use this pass).Email me nannyanya@nannyanya.comThanks!...more
    Is this still available?more

    2 Early Bird Passes (buy 1 or both!) :)

    Hi there - I have 2 early bird passes to sell ($204 each). I can sell them individually (you don't have to buy both!) Please email me (farylz at gmail) or contact me via Twitter (@faryl). Thanks! tweet me @faryl | read me fearlessblogger.com ...more


    Create better relationships and grow-up with your in-laws and resolve issues with your spouse - for better or for worse!The random thoughts, emotional moments and humorous candor that comes with marriage.  Based on the premise that humor heals all wounds and time just makes for better material. The Good, The Bad and The Funny of being an in-law and whitetail wife http://www.inlawism.blogspot.com and http://www.blogher.com/inlawism/whitetailinlaw...more

    Full conference + FREE Pathfinder Day (blog as media outlet)

    I keep trying to make BlogHer fit into my travel schedule, but it's looking less and less manageable at this point. If you are looking for a ticket ill sell you mine and throw in my Pathfinder Day pass free. Email me: stephaniemccratic (at) mac (dot) com Subject: BlogHer ticket Thanks! Stephanie Twitter:  ...more
  2. Confused by Google SEO?

    Are you confused by Google SEO?  I am starting a new series answering your questions about Google SEO!  ...more
    SEO itself is not that difficult, it's the frequent algorithm changes that Google makes, which ...more

    Girls, Tech, and Camp Start-Up

    I wrote my first book: Our Wildest Dreams: Women Making Money, Doing Good, Having Fun, in 1993 and No More Frogs to Kiss: 99 Ways to Give Economic Power to Girls in 1998.  In those years, I really thought that by the time we entered the 21st century these books would be thoroughly irrelevant, that girls would have become economic and technologic  leaders—and  to a large extent, they have....more
  3. Selling my Early Bird ticket

    The summer freelancing gigs are few and far between so I can't justify a trip to BlogHer this summer.I bought my Early Bird ticket the second BlogHer '13 was announced and alas I'm selling it now. It's $204 but for you, $200!E-mail me at its_gail(at)hotmail.com and we can transfer that ticket before the June 25 deadline. Gail...more
    Update: I sold it over the weekend.more

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