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    Hey all, I'm curious why when I do an "image post" like this one: http://www.blogher.com/node/3227 It doesn't show up on the front page, but does show up on the nonprofit/NGO page. ...more

    Thanks, Laura. I didn't see that was an option last time.

    Britt Bravo
    Blogher ...more

    Introduction from Nonprofit/Educational Blogger

    My name is Emily and I am new to this website. I graduated college 2 years ago. My goal is to find a web design position in Washington, DC. About a year ago I learned about blogging through my research on nonprofit technology and education technology. After learning about blogs and visiting some, I began my own. My blog is called Emily's World. I mainly write about nonprofit tech, educational tech, and web design. About 6 months ago I volunteered to coordinate the Nonprofit Blog Exchange and created a blog for that. ...more

    I posted a thanks, but it seems to have disappeared. So thanks for an actual human ...more

    Standing on this Soapbox

    Standing on this soapbox in France: Bonjour! I am an American who married a charming French frog 18 years ago. We live in the south of France. On a dare I have started a blog. It is about noticing the little things in life. ...more

    Good dare! I like the images on your blog and I've saved it to read during my work breaks ...more

    Hi from the Land of the Rising Sun

    Hi! I've been looking at blogher for a few months now but just joined the other day. It's great to be here. :) I'm a displaced New Yorker, living in southern Japan for 12+ years. I am a jack of all trades and currently work for an environmental NGO (for now anyway). I'm sure I'll be doing something else by next year. ...more

    I use to read a blog written by an American working in Japan - he had recently asked his ...more

    Stepping into the Pond

    After lurking around the fringes for about a month, I am finally introducing myself. I'm 56 going on 23, with a large dose of 12 thrown in for good measure. After way too many years in the upper middle management ranks of corporate America and the accompanying acquisition/lay-off cycles, I ditched the big paychecks in favor of my (in)sanity. ...more

    hahaha no kidding? I think I love you! Are you married? Would you marry me, if I ever changed ...more

    Zz's Petals

    Hello All, What a wonderful thing this is..... Wish I had known about it sooner. My name is Zz and I am a multi-disciplinary artist and artisan. My current project is the realization of a lifelong dream to open my own natural artisan perfumery. ...more

    Hey Pam, I will keep you posted.
    If you would like to be placed on our emailer (its private ...more

    jungle of purring words

    i write poetry and live with many cats. how do we suggest new catagories for the blogs? i had to put mine in "personal" because there's no "arts" or "poetry" section... ...more

    Hi there:

    Actually the Entertainment category is Entertainment & Arts, and is supposed to ...more

    sxsw stubbs meet

    i am officially rsvp'ing for the event! who else is going? ...more

    And I see from these comments that we'll be in ...more


    Hi, I just heard about BlogHer a couple days ago and I'm so glad I did! What a great site- I hope to become more active as time progresses and I'd love to be able to attend the conference this summer. I'm 25, and I work at a research physicist, I love to run (my next marathon is two weeks away!) and I'm a loyal vegan. ...more

    I love the quasi-feminist blog. Your journal is fun too. Adding both to my favorites list. ...more

    Hi! I am officially introducing myself.

    Hi, My name is Tina Castronovo. I have been keeping track of BlogHer for about 6 months now and am now just joining. I am a 20 year old student in Maryland, as well as a graphic designer and Realtor. My current studies are in Mass Communication, and I am researching women's voices in blogging and how they are valued/undervalued by the media, men, women themselves, et cetera. The research has been fascinating and this particular organization is rich with information. I am planning to attend the conference this summer and I'm very excited about it! I don't yet have my own blog but I'd love to start one and I don't really want to wait until the Blog in a Box session in July :) Any suggestions are appreciated. ...more

    You'll never go back. Blogging and blog watching can quickly become a passion. Your research ...more

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