When is a shameless plug ever justified?

    When it becomes obvious that no plug at all would be much worse, hence the saying: "A shameless plug is better than no plug". ;) Anyway, I got tired of waiting to be blogrolled and thought I'd introduce my blog. So friends, blogettes, countrywomen, lend me your ears! ...more

    Ah well, y'know some people just affect you such that you're duty-bound to push your ...more

    Hi from Germany!

    I'm a fairly new blogger from Germany. In spite of my username I'm actually female. I'm 38 (just starting midlife crisis), a voice and piano teacher and parenting a preschooler. I'm anxiously waiting for my two blogs to be added to the blogroll. Actually, it's only one, but 'm translating posts back and forth. ...more

    Thanks Fritz! And it's only my lack of language skill that keeps me from posting more ...more

    Abandoned Spirituality?

    I was so excited when I saw that BlogHer had a Religion and Spirituality section. From what I saw of the blogs indexed to that category, a good diverse bunch had signed up. But no editor has posted there since the 18th of February. I am puzzled..... ...more

    Greetings from Oz

    Hihi all Kate here, in Sydney, Australia - mother, leftie, tech writer, folk singer, photographer, web-designer, textile artist, and blogger. I paid for my flights yesterday, so it looks as though I'm really coming to BlogHer... ...more

    Well, please, then what's the sound of a Violet Crumble(ing)?

    I spent a month in your ...more

    Daily Stories for Women's History Month

    For Women's History Month, Mac at pesky'apostrophe is writing daily posts on notable individuals, in her usual intelligent and informative way. So far we have: ...more

    James Nachtwey

    I don't know if you can call this site 'hot' but it made a very deep impression on me. http://www.jamesnachtwey.com/ It's a collection of photographs by press journalist James Nachtwey. His opening phrase is majestic (to me at least). ...more

    Ed Tech Blogher Here

    Greetings from Portland, OR USA! I am an asst. prof. of ed tech. I maintain an ed tech news and resources blog for PK-12 teachers and student teachers and individual instructional blogs for each of the courses I teach -- both undergraduate and graduate. ...more

    Welcome to Blogher. Cool sounding blogs. What's your url?more


    Hi I'm Lies (short for Dutch Liesbeth, which I hate). I joined BlogHer a couple of days ago. I'm impatient to have my blogs listed and to get more involved. The internet is (more or less) my only way to communicate with people as illness makes it impossible for me to leave my house on my own. (So absolutely no conference for me, though it sounds extremely interesting). I have an adorable husband, a dog, two cats and a rabbit. I have several blogs and sites because I'm interested in a whole lot of things and I just can't fit it all in one 'project'. I just hope to find a lot of interesting people here, but I'm sure i will. ...more

    Thanks for the link.more

    'Edit Account' crashes my browser

    Everytime I click on the 'Edit Account' link, my browser crashes. I'm using firefox. In the status bar at the bottom of the browser it always has 'c11.statcounter.com' there when it crashes, I think that is what is causing it. ...more

    Do you mind providing more info? What version of Firefox? Mac, PC? When did this happen? Lisa ...more

    Hello everyone!

    Hello! I joined Blogher a few weeks ago but didn't think to introduce myself until last week. I've blogged off and on for a few years now, but not all that successfully, its been hard for me to get the hang of it it seems. ...more

    I'm not much of a coffee drinker unfortunately - it seems we could always use more bandaids ...more

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