sxsw stubbs meet

    i am officially rsvp'ing for the event! who else is going? ...more

    And I see from these comments that we'll be in ...more


    Hi, I just heard about BlogHer a couple days ago and I'm so glad I did! What a great site- I hope to become more active as time progresses and I'd love to be able to attend the conference this summer. I'm 25, and I work at a research physicist, I love to run (my next marathon is two weeks away!) and I'm a loyal vegan. ...more

    I love the quasi-feminist blog. Your journal is fun too. Adding both to my favorites list. ...more

    Hi! I am officially introducing myself.

    Hi, My name is Tina Castronovo. I have been keeping track of BlogHer for about 6 months now and am now just joining. I am a 20 year old student in Maryland, as well as a graphic designer and Realtor. My current studies are in Mass Communication, and I am researching women's voices in blogging and how they are valued/undervalued by the media, men, women themselves, et cetera. The research has been fascinating and this particular organization is rich with information. I am planning to attend the conference this summer and I'm very excited about it! I don't yet have my own blog but I'd love to start one and I don't really want to wait until the Blog in a Box session in July :) Any suggestions are appreciated. ...more

    You'll never go back. Blogging and blog watching can quickly become a passion. Your research ...more

    My Weekly Blog for Actors

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the site and I wanted to recommend, for those of you interested in the entertainment industry or for any aspiring actors in the bunch, my weekly blog/column at The Actors Voice. ...more

    Cool! Me too. I like to say, "I'm a recovering actor." ;) I was a child actor and only "retired" ...more

    Thinking like a blogger..

    I want to keep this idea open a bit longer than posting it as a post would keep it. I've written about a random comment made about the habit of Thinking Like a Blogger. You can find the whole post at Link Texton my blog. ...more

    Just learned about carnivals on Blogher... and participated in one in the same week!

    Check ...more

    is it wrong?

    is it wrong to recommend my site? just curious... ...more

    It's good. Be proud of your site, your work, your art and yourself.


    ooh six!

    just wanted to say "hey blogerinas!!"... i can't wait for conference '06 since it is my birthday weekend (now that i am in my 30s it takes me two days to celebrate)... anyway, to all the naturemamas out there, drop me a line ok??? i am looking for a group to hang out with at conference.... ...more

    Oh my blogarinas thank you all for the responses and the cordial welcoming I cannot tell if ...more


    Hi there. I just wanted to step up and give a big, dorky internet wave to you guys and introduce myself. My name is Kate, I go to school in Boston, and I am moving to L.A. in June or so to persue acting full time. ...more

    Hello! and...Welcome-Big wave right back at you!-Mariemore

    Taking the 1st step...

    I am a writer at heart, have been for years. My "dream" was always to be the "White Maya Angelou". I have a story to tell and I always wanted to share it. I've always kept a journal, not just of my thoughts, but my poems, and short stories. I've been published before, years ago... and then I STOPPED. I haven't picked up a pen, or hit the keyboard in years.. for fear of what may come out. ...more

    Congratulations on doing the work of unmasking. It's an often difficult but always rewarding ...more

    Canadian Comedians Do It Best - Getting Along Famously

    Have you seen "Getting Along Famously"???? It is a funny new show on CBC, and the clothes are outrageous!!! It's set in the early 60's and all of the outfits are PERFECT. The show within the show is a retro variety show, so there are like 8 outfits in every half hour. So much inspiration! If you love the era, you have to watch the show. Ruby, the main character, is fabulous! I watch every show just to see what she has put together. ...more

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