Religion and spirituality

    *please feel free to slot this thread as needed, an appropriate forum was not apparent when written.* I'd love to hear from bloggers who's spirituality is not of a particular religion, and is more of a personal nature, sort of form fitting to your particular life. ...more

    I had difficulty believing in this 'supreme' being....
    It all felt to simple...to ...more

    The only Mexican?

    Hello I just joined Blogher. I live in Mexico and I have been blogging for so long I can't even remember. Officially I started on Blogger in 2001 but before that I had a personal page in geocities (remember geocities??) ...more


    I joined 2 days ago and listed my two blogs, Funny the World and Funny the Vlog. I see that Fully the Vlog actually made it to the roll, but the primary journal, Funny the World, did not. ...more

    what is World of Warcraft?
    World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing ...more

    Hello from California

    I'm brand new (well 2 days ago) to blogher and am trying to get the hang of things. I was surprised to discover that there is no link to my journal or blog, though there are links to sites of women who joined after I did. ...more

    I love your blog. You are a very interesting writer. Looking forward to more :o)more

    Subscription emails?

    What happened to the email notification of new activity? Those are missing in action today... ...more
  1. Science and Nature Blogroll Category

    I have a blog that focuses on wilderness awareness and survival skills, as well as some of the scientifically relevant research (like ecology, chaos theory, environmental learning, etc.). So far, the only category that seems to apply is Personal Blog. I know there are a lot of folks out there with blogs similiar to mine, and not all of them fit in the Politics category. Could we have a Science&Nature category? Or maybe something broader like Outdoors, or Wilderness. ...more

    I think a Science & Nature category would be nice too!more

    How to go to bed early by 10p.m?

    Hi! this is my first post. I have been trying to correct my sleep habits for more than a year now. I read steve pavlina's how to become an early riser.Its a great blog.I liked the idea of going to bed when sleepy and waking up at the fixed time.I can get up easily in the morning at 5 am irrespective of when I go to sleep but then My day would be less productive if I get less sleep.My problem is I cannot go to bed early by 10 p.m though I am sleepy also.I only go to bed after 11:30 and now mostly 1 a.m.I want to go to bed at 10p.m.Plz help. ...more

    I'm a-comin', and I'm bringin' my man. Eeep.

    Hello!! Anyone else bringing a BlogHim to the conference? My husband is threatening to raise his hand and ask questions during the forums, like, "Y'all got any a' them little weiners t'eat up in here?" ...more

    I am not going to know a soul there, well, in real life anyway. I plan on running up to ...more


    Hello Everyone! My name is Laura Blankenship and I'm an Instructional Technologist at Bryn Mawr College, an all-women's college outside of Philadelphia. My colleagues, Barbara Ganley, on the faculty of the Writing Program at Middlebury College, and Barbara Sawhill, Director of the International Learning Center at Oberlin college, and I are interested in discussing and exploring the use of social software to transform education. We "met" via our various blogs and all have extensive experience blogging, podcasting, flickring, furling, deliciousing, etc. We'd love to have other like-minded or interested educators (or parents of school-aged children) join us to talk about the potential social software has to change the educational landscape. Here is the official-sounding proposal. ...more

    Thank you Laura for getting the discussion started.

    I have tried to post here now twice and ...more

    Joining the parade

    Hi everyone, I'm DrumsNWhistles -- a 40-plus mom of three -- The Eldest, who turns 25 this week, Sticks the drummer (16), and Dancergirl (almost 12). My blog is called "odd time signatures" and was started as a way to put together my thoughts about ADHD in adults and children since Sticks and I share that particular distinction. ...more

    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for the visit and the nice words. :) Taking pictures is my timeout -- and ...more

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