Newbie Do Be Do...exchanging glances

    Link Text Hello Hello! I am Mata H and I confess, I am a blogaholic. After reading them for years, I finally jumped the fence to the writing side, and am blissfully enjoying the discipline of regular writing. My blog is Time's Fool and it is a following-down of images that grab me. While this makes me feel as though I am describing a wine, my blog had spiritual overtones, but a mellow flavor, and just a hint of sparkle. ...more

    Mata I am also a blog addict. I don't think there is a cure. ;)



    Thank you for having me

    Hi all! I'm JT. I've been blogging now for about two years but, for some bizarre reason, never realized I should join up at Blogher. I'm quite glad to be part of the community! I love supporting women who blog, especially those, like me, who have been somewhat unfairly stamped as "MommyBloggers." Am I that boring? ...more

    eh..thank who for having you? Who's had you? I havent! When are you available? Smart-assing ...more

    Sub Catagories for Main Catagores

    I know there is a wish to keep things simple on the main list of blogher catagories. But will there be a way (eventually) to subcatagorize blogs? My bloglines blogroll has allowed me to file blogs as "knitting", "quilting", "photography" etc. It might make it easier for individuals to figure out where to list their blogs if they could find sub catagories that "feel right" to them. ...more

    list of CE 404 error

    1. The link "editors" from the home page doesn't link to the list of editors. The link should be renamed or fixed. 2. The link to the "list of editors" returns a 404 error. 3. Finally, I've let this go for 2 weeks, because it didn't seem critical and I suppose still isn't. The link from my name on the Blogging and Social Media page is set to "www.blogher.org." ...more

    I just fixed the welcome message. My apologies - proof that if I look at something every day it ...more

    Hi from Malaysia

    Hi everyone, I'm Tiara, 20 years old from Malaysia. I've been online for ages now (since I was 9!) and I've had many blogs and websites over the years. The one I have listed on BlogHer is EducateDeviate, a look at alternative education from a Malaysian perspective. I've always believed that there should be more choices to learning than just sitting in a classroom all day, and I wanted to break the mindset Malaysians have of how the only way to learn is to cram in school, and that if you don't have perfect grades you're a failure. The posts range from information about programs, events, publications, and resources, to my own personal thoughts and experiences. ...more

    I think you could join me in the Pinky and the Brain fan club. At such a tender age you are ...more

    Is this where I make an ass of myself?

    Grande nonfat mocha choco-latte with sprinkles and a swizzle stick, please? I figure if I OD on some coffee that will make this introduction thing easier. Do you have that friend who everyone thinks is funny and smart and a barrel of laughs? And when you get her one on one you find out that she has more insecurities than she lets on about? Well, that's not me. Most of the time. ...more

    Hi Kelly: I also had to comment based on the coffee. Love the picture of you too. Somedays would ...more

    BlogHer Fan Officially Joining the Party

    BlogHer05 literally changed how I look at the world. I'm happy to have finally registered myself properly on this amazing site to keep building on that profound experience. I have two blogs; my personal blog is The New Charm School, designed to support gutsy women seeking career success on their own terms. It features career tips, personal development tools and (of course) rants. ...more

    Wow. I hope that subject line isn't offensive.

    Welcome, Jennifer. I think it's only fair ...more

    New and Interested Member

    Hello! I am a new member to BlogHer and a small business owner. I look forward to exchanging information and ideas, and learning from all of you as I expand and grow my business and create partnerships with potential business acquaintences. ...more

    I just might shop there for that little something. It's a great name for a business. Unique ...more

    I'll Be a Daddy Again-----any second now!!

    Hi, everyone. I'm new here and new to blogging. I thought it would be nice to share some thoughts about fatherhood and parenting from the male perspective, as we are expecting a child today or early tomorrow!! ...more

    The baby is beautiful. And so is big sister. It's a very neat daddy blog. The guy loves his ...more

    Hello there from canadian bacon

    My name is Miriam, I am the books editor here at blogher. So if you have a) a literary blog or b) like to post about books and things book related on occasion please send me an email at; mir@flinknet.com. ...more

    I grew up across the border in DEtroit so I know a small amount about ...more

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