Old Dog..New Tricks

    No "Ain't it jest awful?" for this 84 yr old! http://mucholderthanu.blogspot.com ...more

    Hello Lucy! You already have me rolling in the aisles. I do believe that you and Millie are ...more

    Introduction: Heather Platts of Eie Flud

    I found 'blogher' from a link on my blog - and I can't believe how many of us there are here! I started blogging last year as a free marketing tool - or so I thought. I set up the blog to compliment what was a crummy website that I had neither the time or the money to rectify. Blogging seemed a quick fix solution. ...more

    I can only imagine what it's like to run a business and a family at the same time. Hard, hard, ...more

    I'm Fifty And Still Hitchhiking!

    I'm going to cut right to the chase here and say that I'm planning to write a book. The story will cover my experiences and adventures on the roads across North America. Including Alaska and most of Canada. ...more

    I read your blog a few times. Never commented on it there, but I really didn't have much to ...more

  1. Please add a "Sports" category

    I have just joined your network and have a women's rugby blog. Not sure if I'm the first sports blog, but I had to sign up under "Travel & Recreation" since that fit most closely. It would be great if you had a Sports category though instead. ...more

    I was wondering about a sports category too. The Winter Olympics have just concluded and I'm ...more

    Multilingual, really global?

    Some ideas: What about having a simultaneous/parallel non-English blogher setup? Like what if we make language categories? For example you could easily make a Spanish BlogHer and turn it over to a bunch of the women I'm reading in Latin America. I have no idea how that would work... But for instance Gabby is saying, Wow, what if we had this, but for blogs in Spanish? They could reinvent the wheel, but... what if that were not necessary... ...more

    Hello Bloghers!

    I just wanted to jump in and say hi! I'm a new blogger - just started little over a month ago - and enjoying it very much. I look forward to spending more time on this network and getting to know more bloggers. ...more

    Welcome Sara - sounds delish.

    Lisa Stone

    Hello...so nice to be here

    Hello, I'm the Ravin' Picture Maven...I talk about almost anything---from my kids, to work, to politics, life and my art---on my blog and post my latest photos. ...more

    Cool! Have you ever visited Paula's House of ...more

    Will my posts show up here?

    When I make a post on my blog, will that post show up over here? I am confused as to how this all works. I saw another blogger had a "Blogher" button on her blog. How do I get one? Thanks, L ...more

    But yes, our Contributing Editors do it!

    They are not limited to only blogs in our ...more

    Spam from contact form

    Anyone else getting major spam from your contact form? I've received four spam emails in the last hour. ...more

    One, we can ban users who abuse the site. Once we saw that someone was spamming members here, ...more

    Cannot change my personal avatar.

    I've tried, innumerable times to change my personal avatar picture thingy, and while it appears to let me delete my current one, when i try to upload a new one the old one simply pops back in place. very frustrating. ...more

    yup, cache clearing did the trick - thxmore

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