A rocking online mothers group based in Australia but for everyone everywhere

    Here is a great online mothers forum or group for mothers of all ages from diffrent areas. Who love a laugh, books, and just to yak about diffrent topics. Have a look and if you care to join be sure to fill in the intro and questionarre. ...more

    More Blog Awards

    One Woman's World has some blog award thing happening. Some interesting and new to me blogs that might also be interesting and new to you. ~Denise ...more

    Ridiculous goings-on in Cuba

    I've recently returned from Cuba, where I've done humanitarian work for the last five years. There was some political tension there, a shameful situation spurred by what I consider to be pretty senseless actions by the U.S. government. Perhaps it's worthwhile to mention in the Caribbean section of World blogs: ...more
  1. Writers Needed For Suite 101.com

    Looking for Music Writers for Suite 101.Com Are you a fan of the 80's? A Top 40's Fan? Or are you a die-hard Metalhead? Suite 101.com is looking for talented and enthusiastic writers for the Music section. You will be required to write 10 original, focused, and timely 250- 400 word articles, including reviews, interviews, profiles, how-to's, advice and editorials, on one of the musical genres listed on the Suite 101.com's website. This is a paid position. ...more

    Compensation is US$2.00 per 1,000 page views.We are now asking for each writer to provide 1 ...more

    Hi there, novice blogger and blogher here....

    I stumbled upon this community while searching for material for my blog, which is entitled "Blogs Are Stupid." I find "not stupid" blogs and review them, and I also comment about bad blogs in general. It started out as a joke among friends. But they encouraged me to write more, and it became a creative outlet for me, which, for a stay at home mom who gets very little cerebral exercise, is a good thing!! ...more

    I love the premise! I know my blog is a work in progress, just started it about a month ago, so ...more

    Introduction: Kim Pearson

    I started out as a wee child with a love of magazines -- the old fashioned magazines with really good writing, such as Saturday Review or really powerful photoessays, such as Look. ...more

    I'm very impressed with the depth of your news commentary. I just put you on my favorites list. ...more

    Just a little fish in a formidable pond...

    I stumbled into the BlogHer-sphere the same way most things in my life have happened -- by complete accident and with very little grace. I feel like the new kid at a big school. So, taking a deep, cleansing breath and counting to three... Here is the reader's digest version of my introduction. ...more

    I have been officially earwormed, and will fall asleep, I'm sure, humming that tune. :) Totally ...more

    CE blog entry signatures?

    is there any way to have a "signature" (akin to email signatures) of some sort automatically added to blog entry posts? if so, how might one do this? if not, any chance this might be a feature that could be added? ...more

    But it's something we'll add to the list. Thanks!


    Might as well jump (in)...

    Hi, ladies! I'm relatively new to blogging and it took me all of about 17 seconds to become addicted and here I am a few months later bordering on obsessed. I love to write and I love to make people laugh, so I make lame attempts to get people laughing with my writing. ...more

    Which is good 'cause I'm smiling seriously at your debunking the Feminine Mystique post.


    Couldn't upload an MP3 file

    Did a podcast and wanted to attach it to my post. Couldn't get it to work. Please advise on the best way to upload audio. I tried uploading the MP# file from my CDrive. I eventually just linked it to a post I had on my own blog but I thought would could publish podcasts directly to these posts. ...more

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