1. Titles for editors, please

    There is nothing on account profile pages that lets me know who is a registered user, and who is a Contributing Editor. Can we have ed. titles on our Account Profile pages, please? And maybe on our bylines, if there is room, e.g., ...more

    RSS structure is a global standard, and there's great reluctance among the Drupal community to ...more

  2. The alpha site - general feedback on design etc.

    (I guess this is aimed to Laura and Lisa but I would be interested in other CE's opinions - as well as general users.) The alpha site layout looks cluttered and, as a consequence, a bit ugly to me. ...more

    maybe it's just my age (not with-itness), or inexperience, but i have a terrible time navigating ...more

  3. FAQ needs updating, perhaps

    Re: uploading an image. I did everything as per the (excellent) instructions Laura provided in the FAQ, however, my images did not appear. (Both my profile image, for some reason, and the "Blog for Choice Day" badge.) ...more

    I'll note these changes as soon as I get a chance.

    As for space allotments, that depends upon ...more

    Link to our blogs in the Account files (as per our agreement)...?

    Hi, I don't see a link to each of our individual blogs in our Account profiles. I believe this was part of the agreement for being a Contributing Editor. Can this be added, please. ...more

    Since I posted this query, with the help of Lisa and Laura, I've solved this riddle.

    For any ...more

    Thinking about how to go from directory listing to feed reader

    I've been thinking about how best to track the technology blogs, the area in which I'll be serving as a contributing editor. I thought I might write a little program to grab the URLs of the technology blogs from the directory page, find the feeds, and construct some OPML that I could import into Bloglines. But then I looked at the directory listing and realized the links there are not to blogs themselves but to our descriptions of blogs. That adds a layer of difficulty to it. ...more

    It looks terrific. Holding the blockquote and adding the permalink in there, too. ...more


    I would like to see comments at the new BlogHer site in a date/time stamped order, with the first (earliest) comment appearing first, the second chronological comment appearing second, etc., all the way down the thread. ...more

    that allows people to subscribe to individual threads, and to automatically subscribe to their ...more

    Question on adding content

    Hope this is the right place. I have a question (or a suggestions) about creating content here. Will there be a way to save content in a draft configuration? Currently, you write it and either publish it or lose it. ...more

    Now I've got it too, and it's awsome. Thanks for the excellent instructions!


  5. Comments - paragraph breaks...?

    Comments: I *love* being able to edit comments, however... Is there a way to include paragraph breaks? All my paras run together... looks a little cluttered and probably is slightly hard for people to read without the white space. ...more

    (Partly a test post.)

    That was quick!






  6. Who's online? Who's new?

    I just thought I'd give you (I guess Laura of PingVision and Lisa Stone) feedback on the two small boxes in the lower left-hand sidebar: -who's online? -who's new? I actually really like this info. - I like to know who has joined recently, so I can go check them out. Similarly, I like to know who is online when I'm online. ...more

    Free Open Source Software. So there is no company to contact, per se.

    Maybe I wasn't clear: ...more

    Post weblink vs. List your blog

    Is posting a web link the same as listing your own blog? It looks like it to me - clicking either seems to lead to the same UI. Just checking - I would like to add a link to the blogroll, but am not sure which way to go. ...more

    Hey, since we're asking questions...

    How do I upload a photo to one of my posts? I've seen a ...more

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