1. Editor Profiles

    I've been trying to visit all of the blogs owned by the editors but many of you don't have your blogs linked in your public profile (or signature line as Liz has done). Pretty please, add that link so I can come and visit your blog. I like visiting new people. ...more

    I can access my 'related content', but I don't see an option for 'blogs by me'. Am I missing ...more

    world outreach

    I wonder about invited speakers and trying to be inclusive and look outside of the U.S. Could we especially invite some of the amazing bloggers from outside the U.S... I mean, I know that I can just write them email and say "Hey, you should take a look at this conference and try to come!" and perhaps that's best. But what about having some panels of women bloggers from other countries/languages? Connecting across countries, or something. Or invite them to participate in whatever panel fits their specialties - that would be much better. ...more

    Not that I'm an "amazing blogger" by any stretch of the imagination, but I *am* coming to ...more

    How To: Eliminate the Read More

    #1 I understand why Read More is important for long posts. But my first post is short enough that the second page has only a single line. Is it possible to eliminate the break? And if so, are there suggested guidelines on when/when not to do so? ...more

    If you have written a forum post or commented on an editor's post, you'll find these comments ...more

    Who is the Education/Academic CE?

    Is there an academic blogs/education CE? ...more

    Listing a Blog Under More Than One Topic

    Is there a way to include a link in more than one category -- eg a food blog from Sweden -- and do you want us to do that? ...more

    I had thought that while we were creating weblinks to blogs in the directory under all ...more

    What about podcasting and vlogging?

    I want to experiment with having podcasts and maybe even some vlogs in section -- is that doable? Currently I'm using audioblogs.com to upload podcasts to my blog. Can I upload podcasts to my blog on Blogher? ...more

    You can link to your own audioblog mp3 from here with a normal, direct link.

    As it seems, the ...more

  2. Titles for editors, please

    There is nothing on account profile pages that lets me know who is a registered user, and who is a Contributing Editor. Can we have ed. titles on our Account Profile pages, please? And maybe on our bylines, if there is room, e.g., ...more

    RSS structure is a global standard, and there's great reluctance among the Drupal community to ...more

  3. The alpha site - general feedback on design etc.

    (I guess this is aimed to Laura and Lisa but I would be interested in other CE's opinions - as well as general users.) The alpha site layout looks cluttered and, as a consequence, a bit ugly to me. ...more

    maybe it's just my age (not with-itness), or inexperience, but i have a terrible time navigating ...more

  4. FAQ needs updating, perhaps

    Re: uploading an image. I did everything as per the (excellent) instructions Laura provided in the FAQ, however, my images did not appear. (Both my profile image, for some reason, and the "Blog for Choice Day" badge.) ...more

    I'll note these changes as soon as I get a chance.

    As for space allotments, that depends upon ...more

    Link to our blogs in the Account files (as per our agreement)...?

    Hi, I don't see a link to each of our individual blogs in our Account profiles. I believe this was part of the agreement for being a Contributing Editor. Can this be added, please. ...more

    Since I posted this query, with the help of Lisa and Laura, I've solved this riddle.

    For any ...more

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