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    I'm using Firefox. FYI. I have to use horizontal scrolling when I create my post. This is awkward. NOTE: I have those scroll bars now, in the forum entry window. Interesting. It seems like using the "Link" tool puts a return in at the end of the link. ...more

    You will see that soon.

    As for the link text issue, I am not seeing any line break after the ...more

    Google maps

    Hi - I see there's a Google maps facility loaded on the new site. There's a slight conflict here: - Contributing editors (and other registered users?) are asked for their zipcode, but told that this will be kept private... ...more

    Will do!


    Nightlife forum...?

    Hi, What is the "Nightlife forum"? Does this have to do with arranging to get together and sing "Kumbaya" at some local watering hole at Blogher 06? ...more

    I don't know, Lisa, the party by the pool got kind of out of hand last year. (But the pictures ...more

    Editing WebLink

    Can you edit weblinks? I submitted my own site and did not include a description. Can I go back and add one? Will I be able to do so for all sites I submit? ...more

    I didn't see a spelling error! So either this was fixed before I arrived this morning, or I ...more

    Category and blogroll name changes

    Couple of things for discussion: - In categories, I added "& Web" behind "Technology" and add a category called "Website" too. OK w/you? - I don't want to have separate Gender and Feminism categories - worried that we're splitting the atom here. However, I do find the title "Gender and women" to sound too niche. I'll run it by E/J, but I'm thinking of "Feminism and Gender." Thoughts? - What do you envision in the "misc" category? ...more

    I expect this has already been decided, but "Gender & Women" is too watered down and general. ...more

    Should we pre-populate the BlogHerRolls or not?

    If I create Weblinks and registered users don't like the description we have of their sites, can they edit it themselves? Here's why: I'd like to pre-populate the blogrolls with our existing uber-BlogHerRoll. The site will look much more robust if I do. But there are problems, too - how do we associate the user profile with the blog if they don't do it? Yet, if WE don't do it, some people might not sign up and we'll lose the work we did with the existing BlogHerRoll. ...more

    I'm chomping at the bit to start uploading feminist blogs.

    Need to familiarize myself more ...more

    Question: May we post in more than one category?

    Is it possible for us to post new blog entries in more than one category? (E.g., I tried to post "Do good, eat well, sleep like an angel" in Food, Nonprofits/NGOs and World, but could only choose one. Thanks.) ...more

    Hold down ctrl (or apple) to choose more than one.more

    Is a bug file a good idea?

    Hi Laura, I opened this forum to save us (okay, me!) from having our important discussions in email. I need a bug tracker! . Let me know if you'd rather handle this a different way. Off to file bugs/ideas/discussions... Best, Lisa ...more

    Lisa Stonemore

    Post your questions in this forum

    If you have a question about how this website works, or how you do x, y or z, post it in this forum. To create a forum post, first you must be registered on the site. (You can register here.) Once registered, you will find a "create content" link in your navigation block (in the top of the left-hand sidebar). Select "forum topic" and fill out the "Submit forum topic" form. (Be sure to choose the specific forum from the drop-down menu you find there.) That's all there is to it. For those who are curious, this site is powered by Drupal, with many custom code functions and module hacks. ...more

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