Complete guide to successful pregnancy sex

You thought that sex is just fun and intimacy with a partner. Then you got pregnant, and making love has taken on whole new meaning when your body and libido began to experience major changes. Can you still enjoy a satisfying sex life with morning sickness, hormonal rampage and your new vision of your body?

Many women want to continue to make love during pregnancy, but sometimes are in doubt whether it is safe and how to deal with new feelings.

Let your main guiding principle be: make love as often as you want, but do not think that you need to. There are other ways to be intimate - even cuddling.

Future fathers also experience changes in their attitude towards sex, from the fact that your new, rounder appearance (in the abdomen, but also in the chest) excites him to the fears for the baby can kill the sex drive. What is important is to talk openly about sex, parenthood and your relationship as the pregnancy progresses and even try an erotic body massage on both of you. So you will be able to deal with every problem that comes along.

During the 40 weeks you will certainly change the way you make love. Due to physical changes what was pleasurable one week will not necessarily be in the next. Thus, we bring you a short guide on what to expect, how to be confident and enjoy intimacy with your partner (and no, it will not stop with the baby's arrival).

First trimester

Symptoms of early pregnancy such as morning sickness and breast tenderness may slightly hinder your sex life. The baby that starts to grow inside you along with the placenta robs you of your energy. Rest when you can and exercise, which includes sex, if you have a desire for it - to regain your strength.

In the first weeks, many couples fear that they don’t cause an abortion by having sex. Although it sounds quite irrational, men are really worried not to hurt the baby. Make sure to tell your partner that the baby is well protected behind the cervix and tucked in amniotic fluid and placenta - not even bacteria can not harm the baby. Abortion in early pregnancy is usually caused by chromosomal abnormalities or other developmental problems, and they usually have nothing to do with what you are doing or not doing.

In the vast majority of relationships all problems related to sex and parenthood eventually are overcome. It is good, therefore, to be open and talk to your partner about your feelings and cope with difficulties in relation to quickly resolve them.

Second trimester

For many women this is the honeymoon period - no more morning sickness, breasts do not grow as quickly as they did in the first trimester and are not painful and they are accustomed to the pregnancy. And since a large quantity of blood due to pregnancy is mainly focused on your breasts and genitals, it is normal that your libido wakes up and strengthens, and often your ability to have an orgasm. But there are some side effects. During this period, bleeding after intercourse is usual. In pregnancy, the cervix is swollen with blood and can easily bleed from pressing during sex. Bleeding usually stops quickly, and even though it may frighten you both, it is usually completely harmless. But to be absolutely sure, it is best to go to see the doctor after any major bleeding.

Colostrum - the first milk - begins to produce around the 16th week and can start to leak, which can sometimes kill the passion. The baby also becomes 'noticeable': according to your growing belly, the ultrasound examination and thus it begins kicking. In the second trimester the expectant moms begin to create a relationship with their baby, but also doubts whether she as a mom will still be sexy begin to emerge. Some women feel that it is 'wrong' to be intimate during pregnancy, while adapting to their new, motherly role, men for similar reasons may shy from sex.

Talk about your concerns, and if you feel that it becomes a problem, go to counseling. It is good to know exactly what is happening to your body, get informed and keep fit through regular exercise - yoga and Pilates are really excellent!

During this period, many women do not want to make love because they identify a sexy look with slenderness. The society sends us a message that the ideal body should be thin, which is not compatible with motherhood. Although pregnancy is not the same as obesity, it can still seriously undermine a woman's confidence. You'll feel better if you are good to yourself and focus on the positive effects of pregnancy: you are glowing, and your skin and hair are healthier and brighter, not to mention the power of the breasts during pregnancy.

Third trimester

As we approach the date of childbirth, parenting and anticipation of the event can reduce the desire for lovemaking. And even if you are one of those women whose libido due to increased levels of progesterone and estrogen become insatiable, maneuvering with a bulge into a comfortable position can make for spontaneous sex.

Your complete anatomy is changed. In addition to the abdomen, pelvis and the baby's position may become an obstacle for spontaneous sex. Try new positions. The spooning position (you are on the side, and he is behind you) is ideal because there is no pressure on the chest and abdomen. Or you can be on top so you can control the depth and pace. Avoid the so-called missionary position because the pressure of the uterus can pinch vessels that return blood to the heart due to which you or your baby can be left without oxygen.

It is also often that men no longer desire having sex because they can feel the baby move if they touch the stomach.

If you remain sexually active, you can feel mild cramping after the coitus. This is normal. Your vagina will naturally compress during orgasm, and partly in response to hormones in semen, prostaglandins, which cause mild contractions, but not strong enough to cause birth. Cramps should be short-lived, if not; you should consult your doctor.

Sex cannot induce labor, but you can use it to speed up the birth when labor begins. In addition to prostaglandins, relaxation and enjoyment in your body releases oxytocin, which stimulates contractions of the muscles and endorphins, a natural remedy to relieve pain

Remember, no matter what picture of your body you have in your head, sex during pregnancy is primarily intended to increase your intimacy with your partner and have fun. You have already conceived the baby and now it is time to be relaxed and enjoy it while you can

Avoid intercourse if ...

- Your gynecologist advise you not to, perhaps due to premature birth or presenting part placenta

- You suspect that your water broke, because the child might be exposed to infection

- Bleeding