Completely Unhappy with Getting to Happy [SPOILERS]

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If drama is what you like, then that’s exactly what you’ll find in Terry McMillan's sequel to Waiting to Exhale entitled Getting to Happy. It’s full of chick drama; the kind you hoped you’d grown out of in high school.

I had a really hard time juggling the four main characters lives and remembering who did what throughout this entire book. And I kept asking myself, “Where’s the happy part? When are they going to actually get there?” Because I wasn’t feeling happy throughout the deaths, drug addictions, divorces, horrible family relationships, sad financial situations, health problems or loneliness of the characters. I didn’t feel happy when Robin got stood up when she went to meet her online date at a Starbucks. I didn’t feel happy when Bernadine went into rehab. And I surely wasn’t happy when Sparrow ran her car through the garage. Maybe the whole point of the book was to point out the messed up lives of these women so my very normal and drama free life looked a lot better by comparison. So there… I’m happy.

If you’re walking down the aisle and see this book on the shelf hoping for a satisfying and uplifting read, just keep walking. If you’re wanting to find out what happens to the lovable characters from Waiting to Exhale 15 years later, don’t. I would have much preferred remembering them as they were. And I’m willing to bet you will too.


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