Concealer? Luminizer? Tone corrector? What are they? Do I need them? How do I apply them? What's good and what's bad.

How many times did you find yourself at the drugstore, at the make up counter, on the internet, wondering what you really need to buy to cover your undereye bags, a pimple, you name it.

How many times did you go to a make up counter hoping the associate will actually be able to help you and you just went home with a bag full of products you don't really know how to use?

Today I will try to explain you the difference between concealer, luminizer and tone corrector and my best and worst for each cathegory. Let's begin!

Concealer, the word is pretty self explainatory, it's used to hide flaws. A liquid one is best used for the under eye area where a more waxy dry one is best for blemishes; why? Because a thinner consistency will not accentuate the fine lines of your bottom eyelid and it won't tug at the delicate skin of the under eye either. A dryer more waxy one if best for blemishes because it won't disappear or be absorbed by your skin immediately, if the blemish is a pesky one you might want to try a powder concealer like the one by Bare Minerals and spritz it with a fixing spray. The powder will absorb the excess oil and the spray will lock the powder in place. My best concealers are Estee Lauder double wear, L'Oreal True Match (in the pencil) and Benefit Fake up. The one by Estee Lauder can be used either on the undereye or on blemishes or both, just remember that because it comes in a tube with a doefoot applicator you don't want to apply it directly on the blemish, put a little product on a plate or the back of your hand and then apply it to the area, that way you avoid cross contamination.

My worst, Benefig Boeing, Cover Girl Olay and Mac Prolongwear. The first is too hard to blend and too cakey, the second one too oily and the third just settled in the fine lines and didn't last.

Quick tip; when you are buying a concealer make sure that if you are goint to use it for blemishes and imperfections that it matches the foundation or your skin tone perfectly, if you are buying it for the undereye then buy it a shade or two lighter.

Luminizers. Do not let the make up companies fool you into believing that they are actually concealers because they are not, they are designed to illuminate not conceal. Where would you apply them? Above your cheekbones, on your inner corner, on your cupid's bow, above the eyebrow, on the bridge of your nose. Sometimes if I feel that concealer hasn't quite tamed my "panda eyes" I apply the luminizer in a V shape on my undereye area to illuminate it.

This particular product usually contains a fair amount of shimmer so if you have undereye bags I would apply it in the crease of the bag and not on the bag itself.

My best, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclait and Maybelline Magilumi. The first is a splurge item but a little goes a very long way, the second one if affordable and more of my everyday item.

My worst, L'Oreal Magic Lumi and Milani eye thingy ( I disliked it so much I actually threw it away). The first one was too liquidy and didn't do a thing for me and the second one was just a waste of money and not a dupe for the YSL.

Last but not least; tone correctors. The name says it, the are used to correct the undertones in your skin. They come in a variety of colors but I will talk about the ones used for "panda eyes". If like me you have not only deep set eyes, thin skin, horrible dark shadows under your eyes but also blue veins you might need to pull out the big boys in the game of under eye concealer; the tone corrector! They vary between peach, salmon and yellow depending on your skin color, they are usually darker than your skin and they are used to counteract the darkness under the eyes. Now, you migh be looking at that jar of peachy/salon color cream thinking to yourself "How am I going to blend this in with my make up? It's darker!". It's easy I would say, apply it before your foundation, blend it really well, don't use a lot a little goes a long way and then apply some foundation on top of it and you are done. 

Tone correctors are generally very creamy because they have to blend it perfectly with your skin to work, don't trust one that appears too dry or waxy, it won't work. Always set your under eye make up with a light dusting of loose powder so it will stay in place.

My best correctors? Eve Pearl light peach and Benefit Erase paste.

My worst? Bobby Brown in light peach and Pixi in light peach, both too dry and hard to work with.

I hope this was helpful.