Panic: A Second Baby Was Never in the Plans

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Many of us blogger moms write beautiful, wonderful stories about the births of our children. They're stories filled with happy tears, love, and smooshy newborns. A recent tweet from my friend Keli got me thinking: Sometimes the stories start a little sooner and aren't all unicorns farting rainbows. Sometimes they're more PANIX AND SWEAR WORDZ AND MOAR PANIX!

For all the Henry "Mini Pills" and Zofia "What are the Odds," today we celebrate you.

I found out I was pregnant with Zofia on October 20th. I took an old test in the closet. POSITIVE! NO! Went to the Dollar Store for a fresh new test. POSITIVE! NO! Ran like my hair was on fire to a quick clinic. "I NEED A PREGNANCY TEST RIGHT NOW! I CARE NOT THAT YOU'RE ALL STARING AT ME WITH MOUTHS AGAPE! MOVE PEOPLE!" A nurse gets me to pee in her cup and we wait. NEGATIVE. THANK YOU JEEBUS! I collapse in relief and wait for my "get the hell out of here you lunatic" papers.

In walks the doctor. "Congratulations. I see you're going to have a baby."

"Nooooooooooooo. Not me. Nurse said all clear." says I.

"Well, I looked at the test myself. Definitely positive. You're pregnant." says she.

ROAR WITH RAGE! I run out crying and punch my steering wheel. Why was I acting like such a nutter? I had JUST gotten on the right meds for my OCD. I was finally going to get better. Pregnancy #2 was NEVER in the plan.

Little did I know when I woke that morning, that a story was a-brewin' in my belly and actually began a couple weeks earlier. Louis and I had been practicing natural family planning for about two years, which was just me charting my cycles and telling him to keep the hell away from me the whole week of possible ovulation. One day in late September, Athena was spending the night with her Yia Yia and Louis started making with the sexy eyes. "Dream on buddy," I says, "I'm only two days out from possible ovulation, so don't even breathe by me." Not to be rejected Louis kept pushing the issue. I can still see my self standing in my kitchen, looking at the calendar, and biting my thumb nail. "What are the odds?" I thought. It took four entire years to get pregnant with Athena. What are the odds that ONE TIME will do anything?

Ahem. The odds are just fine.

This now two-year-old sitting here next to me is pawing at my chest, yelling "BOOBEES!" and is the absolute light of my life. Every day I sing to her that "I love her like a love song, baby," and I thank God, Allah, Buddha, and Oprah Winfrey that she's here. The universe knew exactly what I needed when they put our molecule together.

Thanks, Universe. I owe you one.



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