Conditions of life

I read a blog today about a girl who moved to New York . She now lives and works there and she writes blogs with tips for those people who want to do the same . It makes everything seem so easy, I feel as though I could pack my bags and go right this instant and I would be able to make it, like she did.


I love the idea of living in New York. I love the idea of working in a bookstore and coming home to my cozy apartment at the end of the day . The idea of cuddling up on the couch with a romance noVel in one hand and a steamy cup of coffee in the other- my cat, Lily, purring on my lap. It would be a cold afternoon . There would be rain gliding down my window as I sip and read . The road below would be glowing under the city lights . I would look outside and smile knowing that I am content with where I am and what I am doing. Free of the absurd conditions of life . Free from being bound by what is expected of me. Free .


You see, It's not that I'm a loner. I'm not. I just like my time, alone . There are some days when life throws us suCh curveballs that we start to wish that that time alone could be forever...we become so desperate because we feel that when we need the time it won't come...It can't. It just isn't a luxury anymore.


I'm sitting at work writing this because later on I will go home to meet the very same 'Conditions' of life . The conditions that say, 'If you want this to work you will have to stay.' And you do. 


Lily xx


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