"A condom doesn't protect against cancer"

condomA condom doesn't protect against cancer.

Condoms can reduce the risk of infection, but do not protect completely against the papillomavirus, because the skin around the genital region can also contain the virus. The cervical cancer is not hereditary, is launched from an infection by a virus transmitted during sex or even during the genital skin contact with skin, so any woman sexually active is at risk of contagion.

cervical cancerIn humans this virus, HPV, does not display symptoms and is not harmful.

Statistics show that up to 80% of people will be infected during their lifetime but, fortunately, most infections disappears spontaneously, in cases where this doesn't happen the infection can develop into a cancer.

Screening (Pap test) and vaccination offer together the best possible protection against cervical cancer. pap testGirls let's fight against this terrible disease that can kill us,let's talk with our kids and friend.


Together we can.

to be continue

by jellmayer.


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