Conference Corner: All About BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13

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Are you ready to start something big, and in need of a jump-start with your big idea to turn it into viable opportunities? BlogHer Entrepreneurs is the event for you! We're about to begin pairing mentors and mentees together for 1:1 mentoring, so if you're on the fence, now is the time to register!

Back for it's 3rd year, BlogHer Entrepreneurs has something for everyone -- all you need to bring is your big idea, and we'll match it up with the perfect mentor to guide you to the next level. We've got you covered, no matter what you've got cooking: from pre-launch stages to maturing projects, biotech to mobile media, branding & PR to non-profits & SMBs.

Curious how it works? It's simple, really. The conference offers both panels on everything-entrepreneur, and 1:1 mentoring with some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs and industry innovators today, in an intimate environment with 100 attendees max.

BlogHer Entrepreneurs

  • Mentorship: When you register, we'll ask you a few questions about what you're up to, where you're at with it, and where you feel you need the most guidance. We ask our mentors the exact same questions, and then we hand-match you to each other. We'll introduce you to one another before hand, so you can prep questions and they can prep advice. At the event, you'll get one life-changing hour, 1:1 with your mentor, to get the C-Level advice you most need.

BlogHer Entrepreneurs

BlogHer Entrepreneurs

Check out the incredible list of mentors and speakers here, and then view the full agenda for the event here. If you've got a big idea that you're ready to take the next step with, BlogHer Entrepreneurs is the event for you!

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