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If you’re hoping to meet others in your niche at BlogHer ’11...

If you’re a little afraid you might not be able to find your tribe at BlogHer ’11...

If you’re intimidated by the networking at BlogHer ’11...

...Have we got a space for you! Since BlogHer’s inception in 2005, we’ve hosted community meet-ups at each conference called Birds of a Feather. These are small, informal gatherings where you can meet others in your niche, network with new tribe members, build relationships with others who share your passions, and find new-to-you bloggers to read!

At BlogHer ’11, Birds of a Feather meet-ups are organized throughout the day on Friday and Saturday, August 5th and 6th, in these two ways:

Pre-Planned meet-ups

During each break-out session period, we’ve planned a series of Birds of a Feather meet-ups, for everything from frugal blogging to faith blogging to patriarchy, and disability bloggers to elder bloggers to humor bloggers -- and everything in between!You can view the full agenda here, with Birds of a Feather meet-ups listed in tandem with our break-out sessions.

Self-formed meet-ups (Friday, August 5th only)

If your niche is not represented in the pre-planned meet-ups, BlogHer invites you to form your own group! At registration the morning of Friday, August 5, 2011, there will be sign-up sheets where groups can self-identify. Create your own or sign up for newly formed groups, and on Friday BlogHer will reserve lunch tables *in the main lunch room* (the Sails Pavilion) for each meet-up!

Birds of a Feather are a fantastic way to connect with others who share your same passions and interests, plus meet others on the first day of the conference that you’ll likely see throughout the rest of the event. So ... start planning and scheming now! Which self-forming groups would you like to see at BlogHer ’11?

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If you’re a newbie, what would you like to know about BlogHer events before attending your first conference? If you’re a veteran, what do you wish you had known beforehand? Or, perhaps you’re an introverted veteran attendee ... are there are things you *still* wish you knew, despite the number of conferences you’ve attended? I’d love to know!

About the Conference Corner: The Conference Corner is a weekly series about BlogHer events. Whether you’re a BlogHer newbie or BlogHer veteran, we hope you’ll gain some new insight in this segment!

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