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Did BlogHer ’11 really come and go that fast? This time the week before last, thousands of attendees were packing suitcases, boarding planes, and planning which sessions to attend. And now ... now you have met dozens (hundreds?) of new-to-you bloggers. Now you have spent time discussing cyberbullying, or maybe body image, or maybe photography, or maybe social media platforms. Now you have met some of your tribes(wo)men, be it other military bloggers, or other twitterholics, or other modern marthas, or any other of the many, many Birds of a Feather meet-ups held throughout the weekend.

Now you’re more savvy about your personal plan for world blog domination. Now you have laughed together, and perhaps cried together, and if you’re like me, you’re wondering where the weekend went. And maybe you’re wishing you could relive it a little, albeit at a slower pace.

And I’m here to tell you that you can!

BlogHer has created the BlogHer ’11 VirtualCon, brought to you by Johnson & Johnson. The VirtualCon is the singular place where all liveblogs, photos, podcasts and videos are housed. (And the best part? It’s FREE!) We’re continually adding to this space, so keep checking back regularly. Liveblogs are live now, so you can read transcripts of sessions you missed (or that you just want to remember more clearly). Photos from our Flickr pools are also online, and you can add yours to the group by tagging them with BlogHer 11 or by joining the BlogHer 2011 group.

Coming soon:

Photos: Official photography – August 15
of Room of Your Own sessions – Coming Soon
of keynotes and select sessions – Coming Soon
of all sessions and keynotes – Coming Soon

So... What are you waiting for? Dig in!

* * * * * * *

If you’re a newbie, what would you like to know about BlogHer events before attending your first conference? If you’re a veteran, what do you wish you had known beforehand? Or, perhaps you’re an introverted veteran attendee... are there are things you *still* wish you knew, despite the number of conferences you’ve attended? I’d love to know!

About the Conference Corner: The Conference Corner is a weekly series about BlogHer events. Whether you’re a BlogHer newbie or BlogHer veteran, we hope you’ll gain some new insight in this segment!


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