Conference Corner: BlogHer Invites 80% New Speakers to Events

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Tired of all the same people speaking every year about all the same topics? Don’t recognize most of the speakers lined up for BlogHer Events? We’ll take that as a compliment.

For the past several years, BlogHer has committed to a speaking roster of 80% new, fresh voices. That means we seek out bloggers who are demonstrated community leaders, not just the "stars" of blogging. We're interested in women who are forging new paths through the Internet. BlogHer '11 San DiegoYou may not recognize all the names in our speaking roster, but we guarantee that BlogHer speakers are worth getting to know -- many of them could become your new favorite haunts, the first site you stop by when reading blogs, or even your trusted friends.

Right now, BlogHer is conducting two Call for Ideas for two separate conferences:


Whether or not you have ever attended or spoken at a BlogHer event, if you’re interested in helping shape our conference programming, we invite you to share your ideas for panels and speakers at either conference. This is the conference that the community built, after all, and we’d dearly love to hear from you.

With over 175 million public blogs in existence, we’re pretty sure our speaking roster is just scratching the surface. Do you know of amazing folks with inspiring stories who are using social media? Tell us about them! Is one of your favorite bookmarked sites using social media in a unique, intriguing way? Tell us how! Are you convinced that a blogger you know is one of the most talented [crafters, photographers, writers, videographers, _______] that you know? We want to know! With the upcoming election, do you read a political blog (left, right, middle, or other) that leaves you fired up and ready to rally? Don’t hold back!

What we’re trying to say is: We value your input. Whether you’ve never attended before or have been at every conference since 2005, we’re interested in you, and what you have to say. We hope you’ll tell us today:


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