Conference Corner: The Content Track at BlogHer PRO '13

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Continued from last week's post detailing the BlogHer U Business Intensive at BlogHer PRO, we'd like to continue walking you through what to expect from BlogHer PRO in Silicon Valley next month. (Reminder: this is a limited-attendance event, so be sure to grab one of the remaining tickets here.)

Wednesday at BlogHer PRO opens with two tracks of programming: Content and Management. We'll dive into Management later this week, and today we'd like to share the details of the Content track!

The Content track spans the morning session of BlogHer PRO and will consist of 15-minute "knowledge bursts" -- providing content-specific insights and best-practices from experienced bloggers, publishers, marketers, and businesswomen who can help you professionalize, monetize, and amplify your content.

What you'll learn: From 10am-12 pm, you'll dig deep into:

  • Content Strategy: From a great editorial calendar to the right keywords for search, learn how to create and execute a optimized content strategy.

  • Unleash Your Creativity: Amidst the hard-core technical education and development we undertake, it's imperative to stay in touch with our creativity and passion.

  • Pivoting Your Brand: Change your offering, and bring your established customer base/community along with you for the ride.

  • Old-School Skills that Matter: New Media and New Journalism play by their own rules, but those Old-School skills give your content (and your audience) a consistent and familiar foundation.

  • What You Need to Know About Key Content Platforms: LinkedIn, Medium, and YouTube: Learn what you don't know about some of the most important content platforms for forward-thinking online content creators.

BlogHer PRO '13 Content Speakers

Who you'll hear from: You'll hear from brand representatives and expert bloggers who've been there, done that, including:

Britt ReintsBritt Reints started her acclaimed personal blog in 2005, which quickly led to opportunities in freelance writing and copyediting. In 2011, Britt shifted her focus and pivoted her online brand from a memoirist-perspective to a life-coach and professional travel & editorial writer. Today Britt is a published author, award-winning blogger, and contributor to media outlets including Huffington Post and Redbook. Britt will share the steps she's taken down her winding path to happiness in the Pivoting Your Brand session.

Julie Ross GodarJulie Ross Godar is an editor and journalist with 20 years’ experience in online media, magazines, and books, who serves as Executive Editor at Julie taps into her diverse portfolio of editorial skills both new and old to lead the Old-School Skills that Matter session.

Connie Chan WangConnie Wang is passionate about using social media for social good, and on Tuesday, she'll use her social media powers as LinkedIn's Social Media Strategist (including managing LinkedIn's Center for Excellence ) for your good, as the leader of the Key Content Platforms: LinkedIn session.

Jessica CollierJessica Collier is a writing, editing, and content strategy expert who has a unique insider's eye into the amazing potential that Medium presents writers online. She shares what she's learned about the ways Medium can change the game for online writers during the Key Content Platforms: Medium session.

Bethann Stenseth helps video content creators develop their YouTube channels as part of the New Partner Development team at YouTube, and is excited to show you exactly what you need to know to develop you channel and dominate your vertical on the premiere video platform, where billions of people connect, share ideas, learn, and get entertained, in the Key Content Platforms: YouTube session.

Stay tuned for more in-depth information about BlogHer PRO, coming over the next few weeks!


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Shannon Carroll
Conference Programming Manager