Conference Corner: Dates You Need to Know

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This morning I got up, made a cup of coffee, sat down at my desk, opened twitter, saw everyone talking about NaBloPoMo, decided it was too early for all that tweeting, opened my blog instead, saw a BlogHer ad saying that Early Bird pricing for BlogHer '13 is about to end, and my head exploded.

Turns out, it's November.


I won't tell you how many days there are left in the year cough60cough, but there is a lot going on at BlogHer HQ between now and then, and if even *I* can lose track of it, I guess it's time to do a roundup of the dates you need to know before the end of the world year.

And if they Mayans were just messing with us...

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Shannon {and/or} Mr Lady
BlogHer Conference Programming Manager