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Oh, wait. It's over?



Dangit. If you're anything like me, you're still in that gogogogogo headspace that is the most awesome mixed of adrenaline and nerves and zeal. I always love the weeks leading up to BlogHer Events, and I almost love the weeks after them more. Why? Because my cup overfloweth with ideas that I want to implement in my blog, my life, next year's conference, and the world around me.

I think this year's BlogHer Conference was the most bedazzling for my brain, because, well, seriously. We had such incredible speakers, such inspirational content, and so many tangible takeways that I don't even know where to start.

Now, if you're like me, you've got a pile of ZOMG sticky notes on your desk that have scribbles about SEO/philanthropy/writing/voting/branding/speakers, and I you are pretty sure I'll you'll stare at that pile until it magically does itself, or my your kid uses it to map a bigger Minecraft fortress.

That pile isn't doing itself, friends. So, how about you let us help you?

First: Our Post-Conference survey for BlogHer '12 is live, and we really hope you'll take it. Nothing means more to us that your input. We mean it when we say this is "the conference the community built." It's by us, and for us. It's a do-ocracy. We listen, we learn, and we strive to improve every single year. We've been reading your post-BlogHer posts, and taking everything you have to say to heart. Now we'd like to have you share your thoughts directly with us: what you loved, what you felt was missing, and what you envision for the future of BlogHer Events.

And who knows? You might have a "lightbulb moment" while you complete the survey, and that lightbulb moment might turn into a submission in the Call For Ideas, and that might turn into this.


Tracey Friley (One Brown Girl) speaking at BlogHer '12


The main survey can be accessed at BlogHer '12 was our biggest conference to date, so this is our biggest survey to date. Don't be afraid; it's not that long, and most of the questions are optional, but they're all important. Once you've completed the main survey, you're welcome to rate individual speakers and sessions for BlogHer '12, Pathfinder Day '12, and HealthMinder Day '12. You'll be able to access those portions of the survey from within the post-conference survey.

And if you didn't come to the conference, but still have ideas and input? Yep, there's totally a place for you to share your thoughts, too.

Secondly: Our Call For Ideas for the '13 conference season is going to open soon. That will let you submit all of your ideas for speakers, sessions, and topics for next year's conferences. We are already talking about how we can make next year more awesome than this one, which is no small task, but we are confident that with your amazing ideas and ingenious input, '13 in Chicago and Food '13 in Austin are going to rock. the. kasbahs.

Here's how you don't miss the Call for Ideas:

We truly want to know what you're thinking. Tell us right here, and if you need to share even more, you can reach Polly or me-myself-and-I at


Shannon {and/or} Mr Lady
BlogHer Conference Programming Manager


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