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Since BlogHer’s inception in 2005, we’ve hosted something we call Birds of a Feather meet-ups at each conference. Essentially, they are small, informal gatherings where you can meet others in your niche, network with new tribe members, build relationships with others who share your passions, and find new-to-you bloggers to read.

Birds of a Feather meet-ups are a fantastic way to connect with others who share your same passions and interests, plus meet others on the first day of the conference that you’ll likely see throughout the rest of the event!

We thought it would be helpful to provide a bit more detail about how Birds of a Feather meet-ups work:


  • A panel of speakers (like a programmed session)
  • A topic discussion, unless you choose for them to be


  • A planned time to meet other like-minded attendees
  • An opportunity to help make our ever-growing conference feel smaller to you, by becoming introduced to a group of new-to-you friends all at the same time


It varies by the conference year, and BlogHer has offered multiple Birds of a Feather formats over the years. This year we are focusing on providing the time and space for lunchtime Birds of a Feather meet-ups.

Lunch Meetups

BlogHer '11 San DiegoAt lunchtime on day one of the conference, special tables will be set aside for Birds of a Feather meet-ups. BlogHer organizes several dozen perennial favorite topics, and also offers attendees the opportunity to self-form additional groups. You will have the opportunity to sign up for these meet-ups in the morning after you check-in.

The morning of the lunch meetup, look for a “Birds of a Feather Sign Up” table. The sign-up table will be self-evident, with rows of sign-up sheets and pens covering the table, and with signage set up next to it, generally located either near registration or near the room where lunch will be served. You can add your name to existing (perennial favorite) tables, or if you don’t see your niche represented, you can form your own table. We’ll gather the sign-up sheets about an hour before lunch, print the table signage, and then YOU just need to head to lunch and look for your table!

If you have not signed up in advance, you can still check out the signs at each meet-up table during lunch and join a group that has room.

There has occasionally been some confusion about BlogHer conference Birds of a Feather meetups, so we hope this clarifies what they are and what they aren't.

Jessica Ferris
BlogHer Conference Programming Manager

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Photo Credit: Asher-Sears Photography.


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