Conference Corner: 3 Things to Know About Blogging Business Cards

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Of course, you can always go totally unconventional with your cards. I still have the lighter Gwendomama handed me at BlogHer '08; it's got her name and URL on it. Becca from OurCrazyBoys made a huge splash at BlogHer '11 simply by stapling ibuprofen packets to her cards, and Morgan from the 818 had me at hello with the hangover meds she handed out with her cards. I've personally been known to bring a Sharpie and sign boo...books. I was going to say books. I've seen Post-It Notes, whistles, and Legos all used as cards, and I've even seen cards specifically made for individual conferences.

I am pretty sure, if I had to pick, I would say that MomoFali and BusyDad win for my very favorite business card designs ever. What are your favorites? Let me know, or link to an image, in the comments!

Updated: Conference Sponsor Moo is offering 100 free miniCards for #BlogHer12 atttendees, available for pick up at the conference. Click here to read the details and order your free cards!

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