Conference Corner: The Photo & Video track at BlogHer '13

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To help with your BlogHer '13 planning, I'm walking through each of the tracks of programming, one-by-one. As I explained in the overall conference demystifying post, we have four different session styles, and each track of programming includes a mix of those -- making sure there is something for every style of learner!

We've already broken down the Marketing & Monetization tracks and the Tools and Technology tracks, and now we're continuing into the Photo and Video track!

Where it will be: McCormick Place

What you can expect: The Photo and Video track includes sessions that cover both the hows and whys of the digital visual arts. Whether you want to explore visual storytelling or learn tried-and-true strategies to overcome your camera-shyness, we have a track for that.

[NOTE: For those bloggers who are interested in high-level photo and video education & networking, we encourage you to check out the program for our brand new pre-conference day, Viewfinder Day.]

Friday (Photo):

  • Friday opens with a 30 minute presentation on how to Instagram strategically. Yes, even this emerging social medium is crying out for you to use it to articulate your personal style and brand

  • After a short break, a few leading photobloggers join us for 45 minute roundtable discussion about how science and art combine to create breathtaking, memorable photos. Compsition and framing rely on your eye. Gain knowedlge and exercise your artistic muscle during this discussion

  • Friday after lunch you'll get a chance to set down your camera phone and dust off your DSLR skills. This 90-minute workshop will enhance and refresh your DSLR skills and reinvigorate your love of your camera

Saturday (Video):

  • Start your Saturday with a 45-minute roundtable discussing why video content is good for your business. Some of today's leading online video content producers will break down why video is becoming a necessary traffic driver and content channel. Get tips on how to incorporate it into your overall online portfolio

  • Take a short break and come back to a 30-minute presentation that will empower you to put yourself on the small screen. Learn the most common video hang-ups bloggers have, and discover tips to overcome them.

  • After lunch on Saturday, get hands-on in a 90-minute workshop that will get you started producing great videos with little to no budget. Learn quick and easy tricks to greatly increase the quality of your video content.


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What equipment you'll need: Reference this post to plan what type of equipment to bring to each style of session.

Next up, I'll be walking through the Interest & Identity track at BlogHer '13. Follow me on BlogHer for pings about each of these posts, or follow @BlogHerEvents on Twitter or subscribe to our conference RSS feed for post notifications. Of course, you can always email the BlogHer Programming Team if you have questions, too!


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