Conference Corner: The Politics & Activism Track at BlogHer '13

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To help with your BlogHer '13 planning, I'm walking through each of the tracks of programming, one-by-one. As I explained in the overall conference demystifying post, we have four different session styles, and each track of programming includes a mix of those -- making sure there is something for every style of learner!

We've already broken down both Marketing & Monetization tracks, both Tools & Technology tracks, the Photo & Video track, and the Interest & Identity track. Now we're continuing into the Politics & Activism track!

Where it will be: McCormick Place

What you can expect: The Politics & Activism track will both educate and inspire you to use your blog to create change, make a difference, and get involved! If you want to do more for your state, country, community, or interest group, if CNN is your BFF, then this track is for you.


  • Friday opens with a 30 minute presentation which demystifies the the steps you need to take to shift your blog-based advocacy into a registered and licensed non-profit organization. Note: This session repeats on Saturday PM.

  • After a short break, we hand the mic to three women, each who have faced huge personal challenges and used their social platforms to overcome them. Hear their honest truths, and be inspired to speak out yourself.

  • Spend Friday afternoon discussing how we as bloggers and concerned citizens can fix our education system. From the food our children eat to the policies that govern US schools, you'll learn what you can do to make a difference in this 90-minute discussion.


  • Saturday opens with a 90-minute session which will educate and maybe even inspire you to run for office! Hear from women who've been elected to office, and those working hard to get more women elected every year.

  • After lunch on Saturday, you'll have a chance to catch Friday morning's 30-minute presentation on turning your ad-hoc advocacy into a non-profit organization.

  • Saturday PM closes with the wonderfully inspiring and thought-provoking celebration of global cause-work, the International Activists Scholarships. Four bloggers from across the globe will join us in Chicago to share the work they're doing, discuss how it's affected their lives, and inspire us to do more for the global online community of women. Read more about this year's International Activists Scholarship awardees here.

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What equipment you'll need: Reference this post to plan what type of equipment to bring to each style of session.

Next up, I'll be walking through the Writing - Pitch & Publish track at BlogHer '13. Follow me on BlogHer for pings about each of these posts, or follow @BlogHerEvents on Twitter or subscribe to our conference RSS feed for post notifications. Of course, you can always email the BlogHer Programming Team if you have questions, too!


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Conference Programming Manager