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BlogHer ’11 Room of Your Own session submissions and voting is in full swing. Have you voiced your opinions yet? Even though BlogHer has hosted Room of Your Own conference sessions since its inception in 2005, they are still a bit of a puzzle to some new attendees ... so we’d like to help demystify this BlogHer tradition. I’ve answered the three most frequently asked questions below (What are they? What is the selection criteria? How can you get involved?), but if you’d like to know the history and heart behind Room of Your Own, we’ve covered that before, too.

What they are

Room of Your Own sessions are, quite literally, a room of your own. They're designed to fill the gaps among BlogHer-programmed panels, because we understand that the 30 sessions we've programmed won't cover all the diverse topics our attendees want to talk about. Registered conference attendees detail what they want to discuss and who will speak on the topic when submitting a session idea, and then BlogHer community members and conference attendees will vote for the sessions that strike them the most. At BlogHer ’11, Room of Your Own is a dedicated track, so all Room of Your Own sessions will take place in the same room, alongside the pre-programmed sessions.

The Selection Criteria

Officially, there are three main criteria we follow when selecting Room of Your Own sessions: (a) Community interest (your votes!), (b) Bringing new, diverse topics to BlogHer '11, and (c) only registered attendees are eligible for proposal selection.

How you can get involved

  • Submit a session! We issued our Room of Your Own announcement last month, where we detailed what we were looking for along with selection criteria. ANY registered attendee can submit a session for consideration! (Have you registered for BlogHer ’11 yet?)
  • VOTE! Vote for the sessions that resonate most with you, the panels you’d want to attend. You can vote for as few or as many sessions as you like, and you can even submit yourself to speak on a proposed panel if you have specific expertise in that area. (Of course, no guarantees – the proposal creator has ultimate control over who they’ll ask to speak on their panel.)
  • Tell others! If you submitted a session, blog about it and link to it so your friends know. Tweet it, post about it on Facebook ... get creative, and get the word out!

Whatever you do, we recommend you hurry. Submissions and Voting close next week, on March 23, and soon after we’ll announce which sessions we’ll be featuring in San Diego this August!

If you’re a newbie, what would you like to know about BlogHer events before attending your first conference? If you’re a veteran, what do you wish you had known beforehand? Or, perhaps you’re an introverted veteran attendee ... are there are things you *still* wish you knew, despite the number of conferences you’ve attended? I’d love to know!

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