Conference Corner: The Room of Your Own Track at BlogHer '13

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To help with your BlogHer '13 planning, I'm walking through each of the tracks of programming, one-by-one. As I explained in the overall conference demystifying post, we have four different session styles, and each track of programming includes a mix of those -- making sure there is something for every style of learner!

We've already broken down both Marketing & Monetization tracks, both Tools & Technology tracks, the Photo & Video track, the Interest & Identity track, the Politics & Activism track, and the Writing – Pitch & Publish track. Now we're continuing into the Room of Your Own track!

Where it will be: McCormick Place

What you can expect: The Room of Your Own track is a BlogHer signature, part of our agenda since 2005. After we publish the first round of programming, pulled from our open Call for Ideas, we ask you, the community, what is still missing. We hand the programming job over to registered conference attendees and let you volunteer to fill the gaps! It's one more way to make the conference experience your own This year the following sessions represent what you want to talk about in a Room of Your Own:


  • We begin the conference with a discussion about vulnerability and honesty in the online space in a 45-minute discussion about the challenges and rewards of sharing your whole truth online

  • Stay seated and jump right into the next session, in which you'll get the inside scoop on self-publishing your work from community members who have done it. Discover whether or not it's the publishing avenue for you (and then head to the keynote conversation with Guy Kawasaki, where he'll give you his perspective!)

  • On Friday afternoon, join a candid 45-minute conversation about how bloggers can use social media tools without being a tool (which kind of says it all)

  • Friday's Room of Your Own track closes with a 45-minute discussion about the pros and cons of online anonymity, the challenges of maintaining it, and what you'll need to consider when and if you let yours go


  • Start your Saturday remembering why you started blogging, considering whether you're still focused on those goals, and developing new habits to get you back on track to achieving them. 

  • You've probably heard of ROI (Return on Investment). Have you thought about ROC, or Return on Content? Spend 45 minutes learning how to measure the reach, reaction, and impact of your content using readily available tools, to better monetize and market your work

  • On Saturday afternoon, spend 45 minutes exploring the vast array of online options available (beyond emailing your parents) to help you raise the funds you need to launch your next big project. This is the place to learn about Kickstarter, Indiegogo and the like, and whether they are viable options to help you achieve your goals

  • Close out the conference with bloggers who are writing about the topics no one wants to touch, but everyone has an opinion on. Discover the secret to successfully blogging the unbloggable. Can you moderate conversations about hot-button issues? These bloggers can and do


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What equipment you'll need: Reference this post to plan what type of equipment to bring to each style of session.

Next up, I'll be walking through the Sponsored track at BlogHer '13. Follow me on BlogHer for pings about each of these posts, or follow @BlogHerEvents on Twitter or subscribe to our conference RSS feed for post notifications. Of course, you can always email the BlogHer Programming Team if you have questions, too!


Mr Lady

Conference Programming Manager


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