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If you ask me what the best video game ever created it, I will without hesistation tell you that TETЯIS: The Soviet Mind Game by Tengen. You can't get Tengen Tetris anymore; in fact, you couldn't a month or so after it came out. It was really a brilliant video game, even for 8 bit, and it's a big reason why I love working as Conference Programming Manager for BlogHer today.

BlogHer '12So much of what we do on the Programming Team has to do with fitting square boxes into right angled spaces and making everything flow together seamlessly. We are charged with taking hundreds (maybe thousands!) of incredible, inspired ideas, and flipping and bending and twisting them around until we get one solid block of programming -- and that's what we show to you online at, and at our annual conferences.

For me, this is the most fun part of the job we're tasked with; seeing how all of your ideas come together, finding the spaces and the perfect pieces to fill them. I'm thrilled to announce that we've reached the part of the programming where the little 8-bit Russian dancers would come out on the screen and perform the Mamusku for everyone.

HealthMinder Day's full agenda has been announced!
We are incredibly excited to offer a full day of programming dedicated to issues surrounding health and wellness, including tracks addressing to Special Needs & Caregiving, Fitness & Nutrition, and Self-Care & Social Health. Each track offers a wealth of practical advice and inspirational take-aways, and we've planned the schedule to allow you to duck in and out of various panels, on various tracks, throughout the day! Visit the full online agenda here, and stay tuned for speaker announcements, coming soon!

Room of Your Owns are scheduled into the main conference agenda!
These crowd-sourced panel sessions are primarily based on their appeal to you members of the BlogHer community, so we'd like you to give yourselves a great big pat on the back, because each ROYO compliments the breakout session it is part of magnificently this year! Check out the BlogHer '12 online agenda to see where your favorite choice for ROYO is during this year's conference.

Party rockers in da house Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights!
After a full day of learning and networking and getting inspired, we'd like to help you let your hair down and unwind a bit. BlogHer offers three hosted parties on site at the Hilton New York, every night of the conference, even Thursday! These parties are included in your BlogHer '12 ticket, and open to any and all conference invite or RSVP required. There's something for everyone at BlogHer parties, from a Night at the Expo, to Queerosphere and CheeseBurgHer, and everything in between. Visit our Party Plan page to start mapping out your evening hours!

*You've never heard of this game because it was ordered destroyed a month after its released. My family has two copies of it. No, you cannot borrow them.


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Conference Programming Manager 
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