Conference Corner: Tips for BlogHer First-Time Attendees (Newbies)

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6. Pick one night to let your hair down, and keep it up the rest of the time. Three nights + no kids/partner/cats/job = someone bumps into you an year later and says, "We totally met before; I held you hair back for you while you puked in the toilet!" Remember: What happens at BlogHer is caught on 4,500 iPhones and Flip cameras. Have a good time -- heck, have a great time, but have a great time you'll remember the next morning. I pick one night to be absolutely silly, and the rest of the time I use for networking, making connections, having wonderful conversations, and *almost* getting nabbed on camera with my old friends.

Oops, We Did It Again
Pleading the 5th.

7. Go to the keynotes. I am terrible at this one. I always pack so much into my nights that I have to choose between going to the keynotes and putting on some fresh makeup and cute shoes. My advice? Plan your nights to start a little later. There is plenty of time scheduled at each BlogHer party to allow you to run back up to your room and freshen up. Don't take time out of the keynotes; they're some of the most informative and inspirational parts of the conference.

2nd Annual Community Keynote
BlogHer '09 Community Keynote. There were so many tears.

8. Write about your experience before, and after, the conference. We're bloggers, right? Blog about your anxiety and excitement before you go, and blog about your experience when you come home! Not only is it a great way for you to keep your post-conference buzz alive for months, even years after, it's a wonderful gift to give your readers who haven't attended yet. You'll make it a little easier for the next person who's trying to work up the courage to buy their first conference pass next year.

My first post-BlogHer conference post is here, and it makes me all teary-eyed every time I read it.

9. Don't hold yourself to too much of a structure over the weekend. Go with the flow, see how things play out, and don't let yourself get worked up about what you think you should be doing, or who you think you should be hanging out with, or what you think you should have worn. Do it your way, and it will be awesome. Example? I'm ending this list right here, at nine points. Why? Because it feels like the right thing to do. That's a good enough reason for me.

Now, tell me, what are your favorite #BHNewbie tips? I'd love to hear your suggestions, or your questions. If you're so inclined, I'd love for you to write your own #BHNewbie post on your own blog, or right here on, and leave me the link in the comments!


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