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To help with your BlogHer '13 planning, I'm walking through each of the tracks of programming, one-by-one. As I explained in the overall conference demystifying post, we have four different session styles, and each track of programming includes a mix of those -- making sure there is something for every style of learner!

We've already broken down the Marketing & Monetization tracks, and now we're continuing into the Tools & Technology tracks -- both Beginner and Advanced

Where it will be: McCormick Place

What you can expect: The Beginner Tools & Technology tracks includes sessions geared for bloggers who open their blog dashboard and whimper. If you don't know much about apps or HTML, if the word "upload" gives you the shiver, if the letters FTP read more like FML, this track is perfect for you.


  • We jump right into things on Friday morning with a 90-minute workshop which will walk you -- step-by-step -- through moving your blog off of of that hosted blog service and onto, a self-hosting, super-flexible, sometimes scary, but highly-awesome blogging platform.

  • Friday after lunch we'll take 30 minutes to show you what WordPress Plugins are essential to your site's performance and usability (and by proxy, which of the 152 you're currently using you can probably do without.) Note: This session repeats on Saturday PM.

  • Friday breakout two closes with a 40 minute roundtable discussion with women who are devoted to teaching girls and other women how to code. We'll talk about why this skill is crucial, and the doors it can open.


  • Start your Saturday with a 90-minute SEO-refresher course. Discover (and start doing) what you really, truly need get the best kind of SEO for your site, and learn what trends might just be slowing you down.

  • Saturday breakout two opens with a 45-minute roundtable discussion between women who are mastering multiple forms of media at the same time. Learn how to merge multiple formats into your overall online presence.

  • After a 10 minute break, we repeat Friday's 30-minute presentation teaching what WordPress Plugins are essential to your site's performance and usability (and by proxy, which of the 152 you're currently using you can probably do without.) Note: This session repeats from Friday PM.

BlogHer '13

The Advanced Tools & Technology track includes sessions geared for bloggers who aren't afraid to open up the hood of their blog, and those looking to find new uses for the tools you've already mastered. If you want to take a deep dive into emerging tolls and technologies in the digital space, this track is for you.


  • Are you using an email management tool (like MailChimp or Google Docs)? In the first 30 minutes of BlogHer '13, you'll learn how to hack it and turn what you've already got into a fully functional CRM.

  • Take a 10 minute break, and then close out Friday breakout one with a 45-minute roundtable discussion about Podcasting. It's making a come-back -- explore why, and whether it's right for you.

  • Friday breakout two is all about mobile. This 90-minute workshop explores responsive design and content -- how the two are interconnected, and how you can implement both on your blog.


  • Saturday breakout one opens with a roundtable discussion about apps. Talk with two app-experts about when you can build your own app, and when it's best to let someone else do the development for you.

  • Following a 10-minute break, we'll dive into blog-disaster preparedness. Learn how to shield your site from hacks, crashes, host issues and domain problems -- and what to do when they happen anyway.

  • Breakout two is a 90-minute workshop devoted to WordPress Frameworks and Child Themes. Whether you have a robust (and complex) vision for your site, or you're concerned with your site's overall security, this workshop will help you use WP to its fullest potential.

What equipment you'll need: Reference this post to plan what type of equipment to bring to each style of session. 

Next up, I'll be walking through the Photo & Video & track at BlogHer '13. Follow me on BlogHer for pings about each of these posts, or follow @BlogHerEvents on Twitter or subscribe to our conference RSS feed for post notifications. Of course, you can always email the BlogHer Programming Team if you have questions, too!


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Conference Programming Manager


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