Conference Corner: What I Didn't Know About BlogHer Food

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Awkward confession: I've never been to a BlogHer Food conference.

I know, this is a terrible thing to confess as the Conference Programming Manager, and I honestly couldn't give you one good excuse as to why I haven't gone before.

I mean, I actually blog quite a bit about food, both on my own blog and on my Babble site. I'm an avid cook (sometimes it's even edible, unless it's cookies.). I have a love-love relationship with food, and also with blogging, and yet I've never attended the BlogHer event dedicated to my two favorite things in the world.

Until this year, that is.

BlogHer Food Being part of the team that helps shapes this conference has taught me that for all I thought I knew about BlogHer, I really only knew *one little part* of this online community that has been an integral part of who I am as a woman, a blogger, and a professional.

What I didn't know about BlogHer Food is that it isn't just about recipes and knife skills, and that you don't necessarily need to be a foodie to get some really incredible skills, insights, tools, and inspiration out of the conference.

I didn't realize that BlogHer Food is about politics and social justice. I didn't know it is about finding my voice, telling better stories, taking better pictures, and pushing myself to do impossible things.

I didn't know I'd learn how to manipulate HTML, or take pictures, or edit them, or market my book that I still haven't finished. I didn't know that all those people who go to BlogHer Food want the same things I want, have the same goals I have, and believe in the same things I believe in.

And what I mostly believe in is that blogging is uniting us. Blogging is shrinking the world and bringing us together in ways we never could have imagined. What I believe is that I am going to march my mommy-blogging behind into BlogHer Food and come away from it recharged, inspired, and motivated.

And maybe you will too.

Check out the incredible weekend we have planned out in Seattle, and if you're not doing anything else, consider joining us for one amazing conference on June 8th and 9th.


Shannon | Mr Lady
Conference Programming Manager 


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