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June 22-24, 2017 Orlando, FL


#BlogHer17 will be in Orlando, FL! Get ready for the biggest and best event for women online.

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October 7-8, 2016 Austin, TX


We came together to learn, eat, and make friends in Austin at #BlogHerFood16. See the photos and look at the slides and Twitter roundups for each session now—and stay tuned for audio and video..

How to Style the Perfect Food Photo for Instagram

Behind nearly all of those stunning foodie Instagram feeds is a pro who styles and shoots her food with lighting and backdrops and all kinds of props. But Jane Ko is a restaurant blogger, so she takes her food pics like the rest of us do: in the restaurant. She can't bring fancy lights with her. She'll get yelled at if she climbs up on a chair for the perfect shot (though she does it sometimes anyway). ...more

Carla Hall on the Weird, Wonderful, Woo-Woo Path to Being a Celebrity Chef

Carla Hall is just an all-around awesome person. She's awesome on TV as one of the hosts of "The Chew," and "Top Chef" fans remember her as the fan favorite who cooked with love. Earlier this month, she was utterly charming and warm at the #BlogHerFood16 conference as the moderator of a discussion about becoming a celebrity chef with Freddie Prinze, Jr., and Lisa Lillien. ...more

10 Takeaways from BlogHerFood16

What a fantastic #BlogHerFood16! I recuperated from the conference by carrying on the tradition of digging through the swag bag with my teenage daughter, who quickly scooped up the cool yogurt container from conference sponsor Lentils (a conference favorite! I loved the Lentil Ladies!), while I fought hard to keep the Heluva Good selfie stick. Y'all, their dips are so great! What a fun company! ...more
Thank you theamysituation! We are so proud of KarynMartin & her killer performance on the ...more

The #BlogHer17 Call for Speakers and Ideas Is Open Through Nov. 9

Last week, we announced #BlogHer17 will be heading to Orlando, Florida, June 22-24, 2017. It has been quite a few years since I last visited Orlando, so I'm looking forward to seeing what The City of Beautiful has been up to since last I saw her. You know what else I'm excited about? Session pitches, baby! ...more

I Say This Every Year, But #BlogHerFood16 in Austin Was My Favorite

I think there must be something about the city of Austin that just makes people relax and have fun, because everyone I met at #BlogHerFood16 was so warm, real, and connected—including our keynoting celebrities! I got to see a lot of panelists having a lot of fun with their audiences. And it goes without saying that many of those connections were made over meals in this incredible food city. ...more

#BlogHer17 Heads to ... Orlando!

Two months ago, we danced the night away at the Conga Room in Los Angeles, closing #BlogHer16 in style. And here we are today, announcing #BlogHer17. Our conference history has been rich with fabulous cities and venues: Chicago, New York, and five (!) different California cities. But we've never headed to the South, and it's definitely time we do so. I'm excited to announce that #BlogHer17 will take place in Orlando, Florida next summer! ...more
BlogHerEvents I was a mainstage speaker last year in LA and plan on going next year. #blogher ...more

The #BlogHerFood16 FAQs Have Everything You Need to Know

The annual #BlogHerFood conference happens in Austin this Friday and Saturday, October 7 and 8. I cannot wait to get there—I vibe hard with Austin's taco obsession, its deep and historical love of barbecue, the way its food culture is a music culture and vice versa, and its proud weirdness. I even love the bats on the Ann W. Richards Bridge (I mean, who wouldn't?). ...more

Where to Eat at #BlogHerFood16 in Austin, According to Locals

One of the things the BlogHer Events team loves most about #BlogHerFood is getting to explore a city each year. We pick the locations for their great food culture, and we love getting a taste of the city as much as our attendees do. Image: Stubb's BBQ, by John Tornow on Flickr ...more

#BlogHerFood16 Saturday Lunchtime Excursions: Get a Taste of Austin

We're excited to bring #BlogHerFood16 to Austin this year, and to bring our conference attendees a taste of this city's incredible food culture with the opportunity to participate in one of four lunchtime excursions. We've found some Austin locals to lead trips to some of their favorite places, all within walking distance of the Hilton. ...more

10 #BlogHerFood16 Cookbooks That Will Make You Ravenous

When we asked our #BlogHerFood16 speakers, "Who has a recently published a book, or has one coming out soon?" I didn’t expect to want to read ALL THE FOOD BOOKS. But I found myself charmed by Kathy Strahs' new ideas for a vintage baking dish and intrigued by Kathy Hester's techniques for the Instant Pot. I was dazzled by Irvin Lin's desserts with a twist and absolutely fascinated by Toni Tipton-Martin's look at two centuries of African American cookbooks. Bookmark these 10 books as holiday gift ideas for your food-obsessed friends (or just put them on your own wishlist). ...more
Denise Me too!more