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Announcing Our 2016 VOTY Honorees! Voices of the Year
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August 4-6, 2016 Los Angeles, California

#BlogHer16: Experts Among Us

#BlogHer16 is headed to L.A. Get ready for the biggest and best event for women online.

10 Days
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October 7-8, 2016 Austin, TX


Learn, eat and make friends in Austin at #BlogHerFood16!

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Don't Make These Social Media Mistakes at a Conference

In just a couple of weeks, some of the world’s most influential people will flock to Los Angeles for #BlogHer16. Whenever you get a bunch of social media folks in one place, you can expect to see a lot of tweeting, snapping, and posting. Every moment is an opportunity to get a good picture or video. Since social media is such an integral part of our lives, it can be easy to forget that not everyone uses it in the same way....more

How to Connect With Sponsors at the #BlogHer16 Evening at the Expo

In the weeks leading up to our annual conference, people often ask others to name their favorite part of the BlogHer conference experience. Naturally there are many different answers (Voices of the Year, also known as VOTY, comes up a lot!), and to be completely honest, I am personally unable to choose only one favorite thing. But one activity that makes my list every year (in addition to VOTY!) is the Evening at the Expo. ...more

Kim Kardashian West Will Keynote #BlogHer16!

Today I’m super excited to announce that Kim Kardashian West will be a keynote speaker at #BlogHer16. ...more
Elisa, it is not slut shaming to point out Kim's business strategy is built on her getting ...more

#BlogHer16: Special Event Registration

UPDATED! Please see below.Today we are announcing the process to RSVP for our #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us sponsored special events.What are sponsored special events? These are smaller, more intimate events that take place at #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us that allow sponsors to connect with attendees to talk about product launches, new services, social issues, or just plain informally network and have fun....more
I missed out on all that I wanted to attend. I am most disappointed about missing Adam & Eve :(more

Dos and Don'ts for Connecting With Brands

If you’re a BlogHer conference veteran, you’ve heard it time and time again: We could not put on the conference without our amazing sponsors. They not only support the community, they help offset costs for attendees. Plus, they’re all amazing brands with fantastic products and services. We know you’re excited to connect with them, and they’re equally eager to meet you - that’s why they’re there! #BlogHer16 is a fantastic opportunity to connect with the brands you love and forge lasting connections and fruitful relationships. ...more
In general, better to make strong connections w/a few sponsors than to canvas everyone. BlogHer ...more

Grab Your Favorite Post Because Open Mic is Back for #BlogHer16

The post-VOTY Open Mic, hosted by Ann Imig from Listen to Your Mother, is back for #BlogHer16. Before you leave for the conference, dive into your archives and pull out a favorite post from this year to read in front of a friendly and energetic audience. If you're not already familiar with BlogHer's Open Mic, it's one dash VOTY and one dash karoke ... without the music. ...more

Discounts and Entertainment Before, During, and After #BlogHer16

If there's one thing I can write with absolute certainty, it's that our Events Team is going to keep you and your fellow #BlogHer16 attendees incredibly busy from morning until night. Have you checked out our agenda lately? ...more
I am so stoked!! Thanks...I definitely thought it was hashtag worthy more

Listen to 'Who SheKnows,' a New SheKnows Media Podcast!

Back in the day when blogging (and BlogHer) were relatively new, podcasting was already a thing. But then podcasting seemed to fade away a bit. As other social platforms rose and blogs stayed strong, podcasts were a little bit overlooked. ...more

Yes, You Can Be Organized at a Conference. Here's How.

I hate packing, but even more I hate unpacking. I hate the zillions of pieces of paper that I'm pretty sure are important. I hate losing receipts. I hate worrying my car will break down on the way home from the airport because my phone is totally dead. Do you hate these things? Read on, because after ten BlogHer conferences (plus, well, almost twenty years of business travel), I have a plan. And I'm going to share!...more
Awesome advice! I wish I could attend this year...more

Let’s Get the #BlogHer16 Closing Party Started!

We are getting closer to seeing you at this year's #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles, CA. Along with all of the programming, networking and interactions with top brands attendees will be experiencing, one thing we know for sure is that this crowd loves a good party. Hopefully you've read the post about this year's closing party location, The Conga Room. It's going to be a night of fun, friends, dancing and, well, FUN! ...more