#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Craft: Recipe Development

Craft: Recipe DevelopmentLearn the tools of the trade from professionally trained chefs and food writers. Whether you're looking to broaden your repertoire or deepen your expertise, this session is all about the foundation of a lot of food blogging: The food....more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Building Your Business: Diversify Your Revenue Stream

Building Your Business: Diversify Your Revenue StreamHow are you innovating your use of the content you invest so much time in creating? Think short- and long-form publishing; timely and evergreen; publishing and productizing. We'll help you think beyond your blog and say goodbye to fear.Moderator: Patrice Yursik, Afrobella.com...more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Social Media Bootcamp: New School Tools

Social Media Bootcamp: New School ToolsYou may not need to use every new tool that is launched, but you should a) stake your claim in each one and b) make an informed decision before deciding one isn't for you. We'll review such newer platforms as Tumblr, Snapchat, Periscope, Flipboard, and understand the potential relevance of something in between a still shot and a video: The animated GIF!...more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Building Your Business Plan

Building Your Business: The Business PlanUpdate your mindset about your online platform and business. Hear from C-Level corporate marketers and operational geniuses on how to apply corporate organizational principles to your work as an online publisher and influencer....more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Social Media Bootcamp: Facebook and Instagram

Social Media Bootcamp: Facebook and InstagramThese tools are constantly evolving. This session will explore best practices for building your community and audience, with a special focus on understanding policies in place to keep in mind if doing commercial or client work....more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Visuals: Food Photography

Visuals: Food PhotographyThis session focuses on: Mobile food photography tools, tricks for achieving great effects on a budget, and great tips for making the most pin-worthy shots!...more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Audit-Proof Your Blog

Audit-Proof Your Food Blog with Angele Lafond, Shoebox-Be-GoneDemystify finances and tax law by understanding how a few simple organizational tactics can help you keep your business expenses tax deductible and audit-friendly. You never knew finance could be so fascinating. "The accounting firm that speaks human" I help you with not only what you can claim, but what you can prove.  ...more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: What Brands Will Pay For in 2016

What Will Brands Pay for in 2016 with Jenny Lauck, SheKnows Media and Three Kid CircusThe online media world is so rapidly evolving that last year's presentation on what brands will pay for already needs updating. Luckily our own head of publishing can tell you what's new, what's different, what's trending and what's fading.  ...more

#BlogHerFood15 Live Blog: Surviving Mobilegeddon

Surviving Mobilegeddon with Aimee Giese, Giese Media; GreeblehausFinally, you've probably heard of Mobilegeddon ... the changes to Google's algorithm that have messed with some of the biggest and best blogger's search engine juice. Understand the changes and how you should be updating your site to recover from them. ...more

Yes, You Really Can Make a Difference in the Way People Eat

There is nothing more important to our existence than food and water, but how often do we take what we eat (and what is available to us to eat) for granted? ...more