Smart Ways to Stay a Sane and Happy Food Blogger

Whether you've been blogging for one month or five years, you've probably experienced it. You start your blog, come out the gate strong, tell yourself that you're going to blog every single day, and then at about day three, your motivation tanks.After picking up the pieces, you start again, fully recharged. Lather, rinse, repeat....more
I like these tips, especially the messages about staying authentic and only doing the social ...more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Craft: Capturing Your Own Voice

Craft: Capturing Your Own VoiceThe explosion of food blogs and food vlogs and self-publishing and recipe apps means there has been an online explosion of every kind of food content you can think of. What will make yours stand out? Your unique voice. Your unique perspective. Short version: Do you....more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Social Media Bootcamp: Going Old School: The New Focus on Email

Social Media Bootcamp: Going Old School: The New Focus on EmailOne of the best (and often overlooked) tools for food bloggers is the good old-fashioned email subscription list. The most direct way you can "own" your readership is making a resurgence. Understand why, and how you can use emails/newsletters to build your business....more

4 Inspirational Women Making Healthy Eating Easier

If you've ever had trouble getting healthy dinner on the table, snacking sensibly instead of reaching for a salt bomb, or finding vegan food you actually want to eat, meet the four entrepreneurs who presented their game-changing food businesses at The Pitch: Food Edition at #BlogHerFood15....more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Visuals: Food Styling & Plating

Visuals: Food Styling & PlatingGreat food engages all the senses, as does great food photography. This panel focuses on making your food look as good as it tastes. Includes some tips and tricks for food styling on a budget!...more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Craft: Recipe Development

Craft: Recipe DevelopmentLearn the tools of the trade from professionally trained chefs and food writers. Whether you're looking to broaden your repertoire or deepen your expertise, this session is all about the foundation of a lot of food blogging: The food....more

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Building Your Business: Diversify Your Revenue Stream

Building Your Business: Diversify Your Revenue StreamHow are you innovating your use of the content you invest so much time in creating? Think short- and long-form publishing; timely and evergreen; publishing and productizing. We'll help you think beyond your blog and say goodbye to fear.Moderator: Patrice Yursik,

#BlogHerFood15 Liveblog: Social Media Bootcamp: New School Tools

Social Media Bootcamp: New School ToolsYou may not need to use every new tool that is launched, but you should a) stake your claim in each one and b) make an informed decision before deciding one isn't for you. We'll review such newer platforms as Tumblr, Snapchat, Periscope, Flipboard, and understand the potential relevance of something in between a still shot and a video: The animated GIF!...more