BlogHer Conference Update - - November 5, 2010

Happy Friday friends -- let's dive right in! BlogHer Food '10: Thanks to the donations of attendees and sponsors alike, we donated 129 POUNDS of food to the San Francisco Food Bank -- thank you! ...more

Wow, time flies! But probably a good idea to clear the calendar space in advance (and get the ...more

BlogHer '10 Session Recap Round-Up: Get Your Audio, Video and Live-Blogs Here!

BlogHer '10 has come and gone, but it doesn't mean you can't relive your favorite sessions, check out the panels you missed, or learn something new in one of our labs! Click the links below to watch videos from the General Sessions, listen to breakout session podcasts, and read through this year's liveblogs!BlogHer '10 General Session Videos (including Community Keynote Videos!)...more

BlogHer '10 - Voices of the Year - Individual Video

They're here - the individual videos from BlogHer '10 Voices of the Year in New York City! Enjoy! Elisa Camahort Page from introduces Eden Kennedy from, and shared a little history about the Community Keynote... ...more

Liveblog: Closing Keynote: The Soul, Passion and Heart of a Chef

Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer Food '10 panel "Closing Keynote: The Soul, Passion and Heart of a Chef." ...more

Liveblog: The Value of Building Community

Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer Food '10 panel "Voice - The Value of Building Community." Here's the description: ...more

Liveblog: Canning, Preserving, Foraging

Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer Food '10 panel "Values - The Old-School Arts: Canning, Preserving, Foraging." Here's the description: ...more

Liveblog: Food Photography: Think Outside the Plate

Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer Food '10 panel "Visuals - Food Photography: Think Outside the Plate." Here's the description: ...more

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Liveblog: Do You Have a Cookbook in You?

Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer Food '10 panel "Vocation - Do you have a cookbook in you?." Here's the description: ...more

Food Blogger Favorites: Kalyn's Kitchen's Chopped Salad With Feta

We're celebrating BlogHer Food this year by asking food bloggers in the BlogHer network to share some of their favorite recipes. ...more

...but I do not write so much about food on my blog. You´ll find more on my website more

BlogHer Food '10 Virtual Conference Pass: Don't Miss a Thing!!

Today we are excited to announce a new feature of BlogHer Conferences: The BlogHer Virtual Conference Pass. Each year, each conference we hold sells out ... sometimes months in advance ... and that leaves a lot of potential attendees holding awesome Pity Parties. Or planning their own local meet-ups. But what better activity for a Pity Party (even a Pity Party of one!) than to actually watch the conference happening live, and join in a live chat with others doing the same? ...more

Yes, it turns out we only are missing the first break-out sessions. So if you buy the current ...more

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BlogHer Food '14 Videos

Check out the fun, food and friendship at BlogHer Food '14 in Miami, FL; great brands meeting attendees with mutual goals! ...more

Attend Blogalicious in November

This November, Blogalicious is headed to San Antonio, Texas! Easily accessible for both East and West-coasters (and everyone in between), the regal Westin River Walk will be the host hotel for the weekend.  ...more

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BlogHer Food '14 in Words and Pictures

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