Announcing the Voices of the Year '12 Honorees and Readers!

Today we are pleased and proud to announce the next group of people who will see that view for themselves. It's time to announce the final 2012 BlogHer Voices of the Year!...more
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Voices of the Year Eve: The Announcement Is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we'll be announcing the names of those bloggers who will be honored as Voices of the Year in 2012 -- including those who will be reading their honored posts at the Community Keynote at the BlogHer '12 conference this August 3-4 in New York City (register here)....more
I do have to admit to being a bit curious about this ... it's one of the first submissions I ...more

What You've Been Tweeting as BlogHer Food '12 Nears

It's now the end of May and BlogHer Food '12 is just over a week away. We've been following along with what you're tweeting about the conference ahead of time, whether it's a statement or a question....more

Come Hungry! See What Our BlogHer Food '12 Sponsors Have In Store!

In just under two short weeks, I'll be on my way to Seattle. I've never been to the Emerald City before, so I'm eager to explore the local scenery and immerse myself in that Pacific Northwest lifestyle. I'm giddy with anticipation for BlogHer Food '12! I love all BlogHer Events, but BlogHer Food is really something special. The content is rich and informative, and it's so inspiring to be surrounded by wonderfully creative people for two whole days; and when you top it off with all the food and parties, it's just plain fun. I've been saving up my appetite for BlogHer Food for awhile now, and after seeing what our sponsors have in store, I'm even more excited to get to Seattle! They've truly got something for everyone (and as a long-time vegetarian with a gluten allergy, you know if I'm saying it, it's true!)....more
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More New Sponsor Announcements for BlogHer '12!

Announcing another round of New Sponsors for BlogHer '12! We are thrilled to have these sponsors joining us for our annual conference. Have you missed some of our updates about our great sponsors? Check out our full BlogHer '12 sponsor page!. Read on to learn a little bit about each of these awesome new sponsors....more

BlogHer Conferences Weekly Update - - May 25, 2012

Happy weekend friends! And for our US friends, we hope you enjoy a long weekend in honor of Memorial Day. There is lots to share, so I am going to jump in. First and foremost - - BlogHer Food '12 in Seattle is SOLD OUT!...more
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What Did You Learn at a Previous BlogHer Food Conference?

In two weeks, food bloggers and lovers from all over will gather in Seattle for BlogHer Food '12. It's hard to believe it's really almost here! The excitement is continuing to build among our attendees and speakers, and we're getting excited right along with you. This week, for our bite-sized interview question with some of our speakers, I decided to ask a question that might be in the minds of people who have never attended a BlogHer Food conference before: What's something you have learned at a previous BlogHer Food conference?...more

Conference Corner: Tips for BlogHer First-Time Attendees (Newbies)

With two weeks left until BlogHer Food in Seattle and just ten short weeks *gasp* until BlogHer '12 in New York, the pre-conference jitters are starting to set in across the internet. Whether it's your first BlogHer Event this year or your eighth, we are all united by one thing... we all, always, feel like a #BlogHer12Newbie....more
Thank you so very much for this post and for all the honest comments below it! I am absolutely ...more

BlogHer Food Speakers: Authors and Their Books, Part Two

Yesterday we brought you a Baker's Dozen of BlogHer Food speakers and their published books. Today we're bringing you another dozen -- 12 great speakers and their numerous works. You might not be able to read all of these books and make all of the amazing recipes in the cookbooks before BlogHer Food '12, but you do have time to grab a few. ...more
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BlogHer Food Speakers: Authors and Their Books, Part One

You don't need to wait 'til BlogHer Food in Seattle next month to start sampling the recipes and poring over the prose of the talented folks who'll be speaking there. They're all online, most of them via their own blogs, which you can find on the speakers' pages here.But did you know that between them, this year's BlogHer Food speakers have also published over fifty books? That's not counting the contributions many have made to other cookbooks, and the books that they're in the process of -- forgive me -- cooking up....more