OFFICIAL BLOGHER '10 LIVEBLOG: BlogHer Business Welcome/State of Social Media

Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer Business '10 panel: Welcome and State of the Social Media World. This panel starts at 9:00am and ends at 9:45 am Eastern time on August 5, 2010. Keep refreshing this page as the panel takes place for more liveblogging! NOTE: Please note that the social media study is attached as a PowerPoint, and can be downloaded by scrolling down to the "Attachment" section. Welcome by Lisa Stone, Jory des Jardins and Elisa Camahort Page. ...more

Thank you! more

BlogHer '10 Speaker Spotlight, August 3, 2010: Mastering Intellectual Property

Confused by the differences between copyright and trademark? Are you protecting your brand and intellectual property? Are you violating someone else's? If someone asked you to find a fair use image, could you? And what about defamation issues, like libel and slander? Are the lines drawn differently when you're talking about individuals vs. brands? ...more

Thank you for the reply, Denise. I started to, but the language in Blogger's DMCA page regarding ...more

BlogHer 10 Geek Lab: Office Hours

Have you ever wished for your own personal geek? Someone who could help answer those burning questions about htaccess? Or someone who could help you make sense of a fussy CSS template? Are you new to blogging and trying to learn how to make small changes to your wordpress theme? Considering a micro-blogging platform like Posterous? Would you like to know how to use Twitter more effectively? Well at BlogHer '10, you can spend time with the people who can help you answer all of those burning questions - and more. ...more

I will be there. There is some code I need to erase from my new site and I can't figure out ...more

BlogHer '10 Speaker Guidelines: The Philosophy Behind BlogHer Sessions

When planning the first BlogHer conference back in mid-2005, we knew we wanted our session format to be a bit different than the conference norms at the time. Interactive. Engaging. Participatory. Practical. And no shilling (aka commercials or stump speeches masquerading as usable content and actionable information).We enlisted the help of a volunteer to draft our initial Speaker Guidelines and then worked with a volunteer committee to fine tune them. ...more

i would like attend this eventmore

BlogHer '10 Speaker Spotlight, July 27, 2010: Creating (or Massively Altering) a WordPress theme

Many bloggers choose WordPress when creating a new blog: the interface is simple enough for even the most novice blogger, and themes are fairly easy to change. More savvy bloggers customize their sites, which requires knowledge of HTML, and CSS, and PHP. If you're looking for your next Geeky challenge, we've got just the session for you! We're calling it:  "Creating (or Massively Altering) a WordPress Theme." The workshop is intended for Intermediate to Advanced levels. ...more

I would love to take this seminar!! I play with my blog all the time and wish I knew more about ...more

The BlogHer Voices of the Year Gala and Art Auction Curated By Kirtsy: Sneak Peek

Here’s the thing. You may not have a full picture or comprehensive understanding of the awesomeness, because nothing like this has ever happened before. There’s no frame of reference. It’s like trying to explain Jello, or sushi, or six-story Master Blaster uphill waterslides to someone for the first time. You just don’t get it until you experience it. You know? ...more

I have loved watching a woman in our office with a gorgeous eye working on her piece. What an ...more

Going Green at BlogHer '10

At this year's BlogHer conference, we are proud to showcase the steps we have taken to further green our event. Past efforts are being recycled, but we have taken new steps and hope you will find we are working to improve our Green Initiatives with each conference. Read on for the details: ...more

I'm just a little confused. The title of the post I'm replying to is "BlogHer Conference Update ...more

Women, Writing and Self-Promoting

Earlier this week, Elisa announced the 2010 BlogHer Voices of the Year. It was something that I’d eagerly been anticipating since I nominated myself right before the April deadline. Yep. I nominated myself. At first, I was nervous about it. I thought about asking a friend to nominate me, but then I thought, why shouldn’t I nominate myself? What’s wrong with saying in public that this is something I wrote and I’m really proud of it? ...more

We all know and can spend hours talking about the "nice girls don't," "spoke when spoken to," ...more

BlogHer '10 Speaker Spotlight, July 20, 2010: Writing Inspiration - Stoke Your Creativity

Writer's block. We've all had it. Whether you're writing about technology, family, business, life, politics, design or any other number of myriad subjects, there's one thing we all need: new material. Something fresh that keeps your readers coming back for more. In a word, we need INSPIRATION. And we hope to deliver just that. Join us in the Writing Track for a session we're calling "Writing Inspiration - Stoke Your Creativity." ...more

Awesome panel.

Writer's block? How do I combat? I totally step away from the blinking cursor. ...more

Updated With Links: Announcing the 2010 BlogHer Voices of the Year!

Today we are pleased and proud to announce the 2010 BlogHer Voices of the Year! ...more

...for including me in such an incredible list of finalists. Creating Gwen's site was so fun ...more

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