BlogHer '10 Speaker Spotlight, June 8, 2010 -- How to Start, Engage in and Moderate Civil Political Debate

You can't please everybody all the time, especially in open forums like blogs. It's why some folks choose to close comments, and why others have shut down their blogs entirely. But for many, their blogs are platforms for civil discussion among a diverse group of readers. BlogHer '10 is featuring a session focused on exactly that, which we've called: "How to Start, Engage in and Moderate Civil Debate." Here's the description: ...more

Yes. I'm trying to handle communication like this by encouraging discussion, rather than ...more

BlogHer '10 Speaker Spotlight, June 1, 2010 -- Good Blog Design: The Role of Layout In an Online Medium

If content is queen, does that mean that the platform you use to share content is her palace? And aren't palaces supposed to be both beautiful and functional? We like to think so, which is why we're talking about the role of copy layout and design in the BlogHer '10 writing lab. We're calling this session "Good Blog Design: The Role of Layout in an Online Medium." Now, this isn't a Geek Lab session, so we're not going to turn you into a web designer. But you will learn the concepts and language that matter when deciding how your site should look, feel and work. ...more

Such a great topic to focus on!! I'm very excited to see what I can learn to incorporate into ...more

BlogHer Conference Update - - May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day weekend for those of you (us) in the United States. With BlogHer '10 only *x* many days away we're ramping up our activities. ...more

Announcing: BlogHer '10 Call for Authors!

It’s time for all you published (self published counts too) authors to participate in our BlogHer'10 Bookstore at the annual conference in August. Whether you are attending the conference or not, you can submit your request for your book to be carried at the event.  Once you have submitted your request you will receive a form, via email, asking for specific information about your book i.e. title, ISBN number, published date, etc. - be ready to have all that ready so we can move forward!...more

The BlogHer 10 conference has been sold out since March, which is why ticket information is not ...more

Announcing the first BlogHer '10 Pre-Conference Meet-up: June 9th in New York City

Let the pre-conference build-up begin! ...more

So excited! See you there!more

BlogHer '10 Speaker Spotlight -- May 25, 2010: Bringing Sex Out of the Closet

Four years ago, at BlogHer ’06, we talked about sex and blogging in a Room of Your Own. We figure it’s time to resurrect the topic and discuss how sex (or the lack thereof) can affect your health and happiness: physically, emotionally, psychologically. We’re calling this session “Bringing Sex Out of the Closet.” Here’s the description: ...more

BlogHer Conference Update -- May 21, 2010

Another Friday is here -- I don't know about you, but these weeks are flying by! So let's not waste any more time and we'll jump right in. ...more

BlogHer '10 Speaker Spotlight -- May 18, 2010: Change Agents

At BlogHer's first conference in 2005, a group of MommyBloggers convened in a packed Room of Your Own session. At the end of the day, blogger Alice Bradley (aka finslippy) coalesced the tribe by declaring, "MommyBlogging is a radical act!" to cheers. Five years later, "MommyBlogging" is unquestionably acknowledged by the mainstream, and with that mainstream attention comes, occasionally, controversy, but also opportunity. ...more

Yes I have brought up issues on my site because I believe that attitude and sense of self ...more

BlogHer Conference Update -- May 14, 2010

Happy Friday, my friends -- I hope your week has been enjoyable and productive just in time to put your feet up and enjoy the weekend! As BlogHer '10 draws near there are new tidbits to call out: ...more

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend BlogHer this year and would like to sell my ticket. I ...more

BlogHer '10 Speaker Spotlight -- May 11, 2010: The Job Lab

About the Speaker Spotlight Series: BlogHer is excited about our upcoming conferences this summer (yes, conferences, plural: BlogHer Business '10, White House Project Workshop and BlogHer '10 will all be taking place under one roof in New York City this August). ...more

You vote with your feet in real time to decide what sessions to attend.

I will say that some ...more

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