Yes, You Can Be Organized at a Conference. Here's How.

I hate packing, but even more I hate unpacking. I hate the zillions of pieces of paper that I'm pretty sure are important. I hate losing receipts. I hate worrying my car will break down on the way home from the airport because my phone is totally dead. Do you hate these things? Read on, because after ten BlogHer conferences (plus, well, almost twenty years of business travel), I have a plan. And I'm going to share!...more
Awesome advice! I wish I could attend this year...more

Let’s Get the #BlogHer16 Closing Party Started!

We are getting closer to seeing you at this year's #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles, CA. Along with all of the programming, networking and interactions with top brands attendees will be experiencing, one thing we know for sure is that this crowd loves a good party. Hopefully you've read the post about this year's closing party location, The Conga Room. It's going to be a night of fun, friends, dancing and, well, FUN! ...more

#BlogHer16 Travel Tips? We've Got 'Em!

We are now inside the packing window for #BlogHer16. I repeat: We are now inside the packing window for #BlogHer16! My college-aged son was home this week for a visit, and while I was sad to see him go back to his summer campus job yesterday, it only took about ten minutes after he drove away for it to occur to me that his double bed will make a great staging area for my conference outfits and accessories. ...more
mommacan I just started putting my various cords in one little clear travel bag that fits in my ...more

The Pitch Keynote Returns Featuring Sallie Krawcheck & Sponsored By GoDaddy

Last year at #BlogHer15, we launched a new SheKnows Media initiative called The Pitch, designed to increase the ranks of women-owned businesses by giving entrepreneurs strategic access to female consumers via our massive marketing and media channels....more
BlogHer SallieKrawcheck GoDaddy looking forward to it!more

How to Instagram Your Way Through #BlogHer16

The benefits of attending a BlogHer conference are many, but one of the very best is this: People "get" your social media obsession. Phones are in hand (or in faces) more often than not, and it's not unusual to nod understandingly when someone says, "Keep talking; I just need to post this picture before I forget my caption." ...more
BlogHer What camera are you all using in this photo?more

Get Ready for a Conference: Order Your Business Cards

It is Friday, which means that we are hours away from the weekend. So I'm going to throw something on your to-do list. I know that probably won't make me the most popular woman, but you'll thank me later when you enter the #BlogHer16 conference feeling calm and collected. For the next few weekends, I'm going to suggest one small thing that you can complete some time between Friday and Sunday evening to get ready for #BlogHer16. By the time August rolls around, the only thing you'll have left to do is throw some cute shoes in the suitcase. ...more
No advice, but thanks for the tips, and the reminder. I've been meaning to get my butt in gear ...more

Who You NEED to See Speak at #BlogHer16 (Based on Your Goals)

Whether you have already registered for #BlogHer16 or are still on the fence about coming (get off, sitting on that fence isn’t comfortable!), I bet you have looked to see who is speaking. This year, we have many great speakers and sessions offering ways to tell your story, monetize your blog and reach your goals. Here are just a few you won't want to miss!...more

Behind the Scenes at Voices of the Year

As we announce this week our #BlogHer16 Voices of the Year honorees, my mind is back in the main ballroom of last year's BlogHer conference. Though I became VOTY chair in 2014, 2015 was the first time I really saw behind the curtain to everything that goes on to produce the Community Keynote. Friends, it is crazy....more

Announcing the #BlogHer16 Voices of the Year Honorees, Brought to You By Merck for Mothers!

Today we unveil the #BlogHer16 Voices of the Year honorees. It’s our ninth year producing the Voices of the Year (affectionately known as #VOTY) but it never, NEVER gets old. This year the #BlogHer16 Community Keynote will be brought to you by Merck for Mothers and held on Friday, August 5, at 4 p.m. PT. Aisha Tyler will emcee: It's going to be amazing....more
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Pro Tips: Preparing for a Conference

Hey everyone, #BlogHer16 is NEXT MONTH from August 4-6 in Los Angeles! NEXT MONTH! In our excitement, we're dedicating July's BlogHer University to getting yourself ready for #BlogHer16 (or really any professional content creation conference). We want to help you present your best self and get the most possible benefit out of your time, travel and commitment. ...more