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#BlogHer16 was a smashing success. Check out our session and keynote recaps, photos, and videos.

How to Say the Right Thing at #BlogHer16

BlogHer16 is coming up August 4 - 6 in Los Angeles. Feeling excited? Feeling shy? Maybe feeling overwhelmed? If this is your first time attending a conference of this size, you may have all the feelings. Toss in the seeds of the unexpected emotion that comes from meeting your online friends for the first time, and the conditions are ripe for a bumper crop of epic Foot-in-Mouth Bloggers Disease. ...more
Looking forward to stretching myself again, BlogHer, you have given me the space to do it and I ...more

Aisha Tyler Will Emcee the Voices of the Year at #BlogHer16!

Last week, I did my usual teasing on my social platforms, because I knew we were about to announce something #geektastic. Something to give you a #nerdgasm. Something that would let you know that #Blerds are representing at #BlogHer16 this summer in L.A. And now it can be told: Aisha Tyler — comedian, gamer, actor, author, podcaster, director, activist, and entrepreneur — will emcee the #BlogHer16 Voices of the Year ceremony!...more
Please send an email to support@sheknows.com and include the email address you used to create ...more

What To Wear (And Not To Wear!) To #BlogHer16

Every year in the weeks leading up to our conferences, attendees spend lots of time in preparation mode, deciding which sessions to attend, finding roommates, researching flights, and ... making wardrobe choices. Image: BlogHer...more
I have no flats, so I'ma just be me.more

Sheryl Crow Is Officially Joining Us for a Q&A at #BlogHer16

I'm so pleased to announce that we'll be spending time with Sheryl Crow at #BlogHer16 this August in Los Angeles. She will be joining our main stage for a Q&A to talk about her work, her health, and even your health. Image: Shutterstock...more
What a thrill it's going to be seeing Sheryl Crow at BlogHer. As for fave song, the best I can ...more

Everyone Says to Create an Elevator Pitch, but How Do You Do That?

Every single list of advice you'll read about attending #BlogHer16 will include some variation on this line: Have an elevator pitch. Perfect your elevator pitch. Practice your elevator pitch. Own your elevator pitch. Be your elevator pitch. Which is all fine and dandy, except no one seems to be telling people how to create an elevator pitch. Womp womp. We discussed some ideas on the BlogHer Editorial Team. First and foremost, we'll define an elevator pitch for you: ...more
I love the concept of removing the word "just..." Of course, we are striking that word right now!more

The Wrap: Your Conference Wrap Up -- May 20, 2016

Hi everyone, happy Friday and welcome to another weekly BlogHer conferences news wrap up! Let's start with #BlogHer16 news, shall we? First up, we want you to know that if you're a #BlogHer16Newbie—meaning someone who's never attended a BlogHer conference—we've got tips to help you feel more comfortable and make the most of your experience....more

#BlogHer16 Newbies: 10 Tips for Total Conference Domination

Whether #BlogHer16 is your first conference or your tenth, sometimes we all feel like a #BH16Newbie. There will always be attendees we haven’t met yet, activities that everyone seems to know about - except you - and that nagging little voice that whispers, “Am I doing this right?” ...more

The Wrap: Your Conference Wrap Up - - May 13, 2016

Hi everyone, happy Friday the 13th! I do not have any fears of Friday the 13th except the movie, do you? But I will say, cheers to Friday :-)...more

What the #BlogHerFood Conference Is Really Like

Thinking about joining us for #BlogHerFood16 in Austin, but not sure what it's all about? Check out some of the highlights from #BlogHer15 in Chicago — it was incredible. ...more

Announcing: The #BlogHer16 Closing Party Venue

Today we're excited to announce the #BlogHer16 Closing Party venue, and give you just a taste of how we'll close the conference in style. Being in Los Angeles for the first time we wanted to bring a little Hollywood glamour and sizzle to how we close it out, and the stars aligned for us to secure one of L.A.'s hottest spots...and it's literally STEPS from the conference venue, the JW Marriott Hotel! (In other words, Mission: High Heels is a GO!)Get ready to eat, drink, dance, and have fun at The Conga Room!...more
:-) OMG, sounds like tons of fun! Can't wait :-)more