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October 7-8, 2016 Austin, TX


Learn, eat and make friends in Austin at #BlogHerFood16!

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August 4-6, 2016 Los Angeles, CA


#BlogHer16 was a smashing success. Check out our session and keynote recaps, photos, and videos.

What the #BlogHerFood Conference Is Really Like

Thinking about joining us for #BlogHerFood16 in Austin, but not sure what it's all about? Check out some of the highlights from #BlogHer15 in Chicago — it was incredible. ...more

Announcing: The #BlogHer16 Closing Party Venue

Today we're excited to announce the #BlogHer16 Closing Party venue, and give you just a taste of how we'll close the conference in style. Being in Los Angeles for the first time we wanted to bring a little Hollywood glamour and sizzle to how we close it out, and the stars aligned for us to secure one of L.A.'s hottest spots...and it's literally STEPS from the conference venue, the JW Marriott Hotel! (In other words, Mission: High Heels is a GO!)Get ready to eat, drink, dance, and have fun at The Conga Room!...more
:-) OMG, sounds like tons of fun! Can't wait :-)more

Don't Forget to Do These Vital Things Online Before a Conference

One of the best things about attending a BlogHer event is the connections you make with other attendees.It's also one of the most daunting aspects of attending a BlogHer event, particularly now that content creators come with more than their blogs -- they come with Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, groups and pages, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube and LinkedIn, too....more
Great advice! I'll definitely put these tips to use before the conference!more

My Personal Reasons #BlogHer16 Is Unmissable

Hi, I'm Rita, and I've been to ten BlogHer conferences, from the teeny one by the pool in San Jose to the one where Obama totally live streamed in and said the word "BlogHer" to the one last year with Gwyneth Paltrow, Ava DuVernay, Christy Turlington Burns and Boyz II Men. Everyone else may have very good reasons for why they go to BlogHer, but if you're still sitting on the fence about registering for #BlogHer16 on August 4-6 in Los Angeles, please allow me to walk you through my visuals. ...more

Telling an Audience of 3,000 About My Mental Illness

The joy of learning the Voices of the Year judges chose me as one of the readers to read my post at BlogHer '14 waned very quickly. It wasn't a lack of pride in a well-written piece, nor was it a lack of understanding what an honor it is to stand on the stage at the BlogHer conference and read in front of 3,000 women. The joy slowly seeping out of my soul and puddling around my feet was based on the fact that I'd need to stand in front of those 3,000 women and read about my mental health. ...more
Thank you for your beautiful words and your courage to read them. It does help to know that ...more

The Wrap: Your Conference Wrap Up - April 29, 2016

Hello friends! It's Friday and time for The Wrap!This week I am going to start with a bit of a tease...yup, I'm going "vague-post" and I strongly suggest that you watch for a BIG announcement next Friday, May 6 at about 4:30 pm Pacific time. On to event news......more

What It's Like To Be Conference-Famous

Last July I had the privilege of being one of a handful of bloggers who read their article at the BlogHer 2015 Voices Of The Year ceremony, and I became "conference-famous." It changed my life in more ways than you might expect. ...more
JennaHatfield Thanks, Jenna. And thanks for reading this.more

The Wrap: Your Conference Wrap Up - April 22, 2016

It's Friday and welcome to another week of The Wrap....more

Don't Blog? 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend #BlogHer16

Whether you are a millennial on a mission to rule the world, a seasoned business professional, or a woman looking to find herself again (or anything in between), most of us spend our days creating content. While blog writing is the cornerstone of the #BlogHer community, our conferences continue to incorporate the freshest ideas available for social sharing. But it’s not all about the social. Here are 5 reasons why you should attend #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles – even if you don’t blog....more
Christie Lincoln, when you can...attend this\U0001f446\U0001f3femore

Come and Get It - Your #BlogHerFood16 Badge!

BlogHerFood16: Experts Among Us is headed to Austin this October, and we can't wait to throw down some good eatin' and learnin' for y'all (practicing my southern dialect - is it working?)....more