Confession: I Don't Really Like Meringue Pie. Do You?

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Maybe it's because I'm often the one making the pie, but I don't like meringue. It shrinks. It weeps. It gets floppy. Success cannot be guaranteed. The weather plays a part, as do the Dessert Fates. I will make meringue for macarons, for iles flottantes, or for chewy, nutty meringue cookies.

lemon meringue pie

But for pie? Seems weird to me. The meringue always kind of slides around the fork and whipped cream seems both a lot easier and tastier. LMP is one of America's top favorite pies. What's wrong with me?

Do I Need to Try a Different Flavor?

I do love a lemon pie, but maybe my tastebuds are just jaded. I do admit that since I really love tart flavors, this rhubarb meringue pie from Simply Recipes; this grapefruit meringue pie from Baking Bites, and this Estonian redcurrant meringue pie from Nami-Nami all sound really intriguing to me. Maybe I just need a new flavor combo to pique my interest -- I am going to try one of these this weekend and see if I can fall in love with meringue all over again.

Do I Need to Turn It Upside Down?

Maybe I should try this upside-down lemon meringue pie from Homesteading Housewife, in which the meringue itself becomes a kind of crust. I like this idea because it solves a lot of problems. I like harder meringue rather than the fluffy stuff that usually tops (and slips off) the pie anyway. Of course, there's no flaky, buttery crust in this version -- but frankly I have probably eaten several pounds of butter in this Month of Pies, so I'm cool with that. If I want a bit of a rich crunch, I'll try this version of upside-down LMP from My Own Sweet Thyme -- Lisa incorporated nuts and saltines into the meringue crust, and made a pie soundtrack for it, to boot.

Or Is It Just Not the Pie For Me?

Maybe I should just ditch my quest to conquer my fear of lemon meringue pie, kick back, and try out this lemon meringue pie martini from The Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen instead. Now there's an LMP I can get behind.

Anyone else on the fence about lemon meringue pie -- or is everyone but me a meringue maven? Which pie leaves you cold?

Have you seen all the pies I've blogged so far this month? I'm talking about pie every day in November at the Month of Pies archive.


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