Confessions of a bi-species owner

Yes, I will admit that I am a bi-species lover.  I love BOTH cats and dogs and haven't  lived with out both in 20 years.  There are ongoing arguments about which is better, a cat or a dog.  I say,"Why choose?"  Curiously enough, owning a cat points out the good things about dogs and vice versa.  

Over the last twenty years we have had large dogs, small dogs, tabby's, grays, siamese, long hair and medium haired cats.  In total, we have had nine cats and seven dogs.  All with different personalities and relationship issues.

I already had three cats when I met the woman of my dreams and gained not only a step son but a rescued Spitz.  Scooter (the Spitz not the son) walked into the townhouse I had at the time, took one look at the cats and immediately looked at the ceiling.  He seemed to be going with the mantra, "I don't see them, they don't see me."  Being the only short white furry being in the house did not lend itself to invisibility.  

The cats took Scooter in stride and didn't consider him to be overly threatening.  Shadow (a rescued gray cat) decided that Scooter would be a great playmate.  Shadow would run forward and tap Scooter on the nose (no claws), turn run a few steps and repeat the process until Scooter realized it was a game.  After that they would play "chase", running up the stairs through all of the upstairs rooms a time or two and then Shadow would head back down.  Being an expert jumper, Shadow would leap from the stairs to the top of a tall entertainment center that backed up to the stairs.  Scooter would come bounding down a few minutes later, unable to find his buddy.  Shadow would lean forward, look down at Scooter and calmly groom himself.

You have to love the comedy routines of pets.  


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