Confessions of a Disgruntled Housewife

Confessions of a Disgruntled Housewife

My husband is killing me!

First, let me start out by saying, I love my husband immensely. This is the man I've shared the last nearly 21 years of my life with. We started dating when I was 16 and he was 18. We were married 4 years later and have been married for going on 17 years now. (Ok, now I feel terribly old!) This all said, we are extreme opposites of one another! You know the saying, opposites attract, true, but you didn't get the rest of the story! They might attract, but co-existing is quite another story. He's a very serious person, while I tread a very, very thin line between reality and my own little world. It blurs together quite frequently, and truth be known I kind of like it that way! I kind of feel bad for him and the ride he's chosen to take with me! He's a type A personality, no B, none at all! Me, I'm much more a type B with only slight A tendancies, and I don't like the type A part of my personality at all. It's very bad. This however is the man that will gladly stay home with the kids while I have a night out with my girlfriends. He's not a club-hopper, bar frequenting beer guzzler. He doesn't abuse me in any way, quite the opposite. He's complementary of me, respects me, makes me feel sexy, spoils me, and is there whenever I need him. That said, I'm moving on to complaints.

The newest clashing of the minds has reared itself recently in the form of arguements over food & meals. I'm a vegetarin wanna be. I don't think I could ever go completely meatless, but would love to try to go to at least a 80/20 lifestyle. My hubby is a meat kind of guy! He wants meat for every meal! This unfortunately has passed down to our youngest son as well. Last night as I was preparing to run errands and head to the grocery store, he made the comment, after just having sat for an hour going over our checkbook (ugly, ugly thing!) to "play it cheap" at the store. What?? Excuse me?? I feed a family of 4 on about $130 a week (this is all meat meals!) I think I'm doing quite well, given I feed a teenage & a preteen boy on this budget, plus prepare enough for meals for his lunch all week. I made the comment that if it wasn't for him, we'd be eating a lot cheaper because I wouldn't be fixing big meals each night. We wouldn't have to have meat with each meal. We'd be much more relaxed with dinner menus. My oldest son pipped in and suggested us trying a week my way to see the difference in the budget (he's also a vegetarin wanna be.) I tell ya, I was all over that like fly on molasses! My hubby got a complete deer caught in headlight look to his eyes and began stammering out whimpers (ok this is a little stretching of the truth) but he didn't like the suggestion that's for sure. What? Take away the meat? No, not the meat, anything but that!!

So, at the store, I was really tempted to buy just salad, cereal, oatmeal, sandwich fixins', lots of beans and veggies, brown rice, etc.. but instead found myself loading up on meat at the meat counter. It's just easier to give in than to hear the complaints.

See the thing is, he's very much into vitamins, much better at taking his than I am. He also takes probiotics for digestive health (and pushes them on me like cocaine) all the while he's telling me how bad the diet pop I'm drinking is for me. Yes, I do know diet pop is very unhealthy, (I gotta cut calories somewhere and refuse to drink water with all my meals.) Any pop is unhealthy for that matter. He's on this kick about telling me I'm going to get cancer from the pop. Maybe, but I'm betting the artery clogging meat is gonna get me first!


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