Confessions of a Middle Aged Dancing Queen, or How Itunes Enriches My Life

Remember "Freestyle" music? You know, Alisha's "All Night Passion", Sa-Fire's "Boy I've Been Told", Expose's "Let Me Be the One"? Go ahead, click on the links, dance around a little, I'll wait here.

Ok, now I'll tell you something else - I still listen to this stuff. I used to have hundreds, no really hundreds, of these songs on vinyl, the 12" extended remixes and I played them to death. The music makes me just get up and dance and I'll tell you something else: the couple of years that this stuff was so popular, all I did was dance. It was also, surprise surprise, the skinniest time of my life! But I digress. I loved this music and I still do. Unfortunately there was a time when I had to put all of my things in storage and the facility told me that the units were climate controlled, but they lied. All of those beautiful pieces of vinyl were melted beyond recognition when I hauled them out of storage. I thought these songs were lost to me forever.

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