Confessions of a naughty driver

I made a daddy boo boo earlier today and it is one that I am a little ashamed and embarrassed about. It was not my finest hour and it was made worse by the fact that I giggled like a child afterwards. The incident in question was a moment of minor road rage, the problem was that I had my 3 year old daughter Violet in the car. My road rage weapon of choice was bad language and the expletive that rolled from my naughty mouth rhymed with heinous, well almost! Do you know what it is yet (said is an aussie accent).

Like I said, this was not a great moment for me and it was made worse that Violet then started repeating it and asking me lots of questions about the afore mentioned slip up. I again let myself down by sniggering incessantly.  

On a more serious note I would like to say that I have been guilty of road raging many times but it normally takes the form of swearing under my breath, and although it doesn't  involve anything serious like stabbing I know that it is a bad habit and one that I would really like to stop engaging in. It has until now not happened when I have been with one of my babies and that is something that I do not want to repeat. Sometimes you get caught up by people's stupidity and end up inadvertently being even more stupid than them. This is what I did today.

Are you guilty of raging and if you have do you still do it? If you have conquered it, how did you do it? Answers on a postcard please.

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