Confessions of a Streetwalker

I am a veteran of the world's oldest profession. Thrifting!
I walk the streets looking for goodies and I always get what I'm looking for!
I'm an addict and will take almost anything home.
But, I leave old underwear and old men alone!
I will jump out my car and find treats on streets of nice neighborhoods.
Sometimes in high heels and leather, I prance up and down rows of stuff in Goodwill stores to find special goodies.
I solicit all to look out for me.
I proposition store clerks and managers, telling them to call me when something good comes in.
I offer my sewing services, in return for fabric scraps, extra beads or whatever from the gigs that I do..
I pick up goodies by being in the right place at the right time. I get to the stores early, not when the lights go down.
Some say I'm obsessed, but I really don't care, I get paid with praise and compliments for the thingsthat I do.
I knit, paint, sew and even make jewelry, I'll try anything once.
I'm always up for the challenge.
 You name it, I have probably done it!
"There's no shame to my game, I don't care what ya'll say!
YEAH, I'm a streetwalker and I'm going to
another yard sale/ thrift store today!"


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