Confessions of an uber-planner

So I got engaged about 2 weeks ago, it was on St. Patrick's day. It was a huge shock to me, because honestly, my betrothed likes to take his time with things and after all we've only been living together 10 months. Also, I'd given up on getting married like seven years ago because the pool of applicants for the position of husband was sadly underqualified to put up with me. I know I'm a difficult woman.

Our wedding is planned for 2011, but that hasn't prevented me from starting the planning. I keep telling myself it's so we can have a realistic idea of costs to save for a decent budget. But I find myself wrapped up in all the fantasy. I've become a WeTV addict. Three weeks ago, I didn't know my cable company had the We channel and I'd never heard of the Knot (I actually only knew about the We channel from the movie Mr & Mrs Smith. Three weeks ago I was choosing the color of my chicken coop, not the reception room. 

Enter the ring. For two days after my brain was a bowl of staming hot oatmeal essentially, and after I'd collected myself, all I wanted was to scan bridal magazines.

So I decided to write about my adventures as I try to plan a wedding, on a budget, while trying to not go slowly insane. I hope I can remember to keep posting here, and possibly meet some folk going through the same insanity.

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